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Oil & Gas Field Service Software

Connect, Accelerate, & Automate Oil Field Operations with Oil and Gas Field Service Software

Bring Real-Time Operational Visibility & Monitoring to Business Process

The oil and gas field service management software by FieldEquip connects operators and suppliers to one platform and brings real-time visibility into operations through proven workflows. In addition, the solution provides full transparency into field operations by connecting every field equipment asset and worker to the back office for better business decision-making. FieldEquip’s oilfield service software platform leverages next-gen technology that makes the operator more competitive and efficient. 

FieldEquip seamlessly integrates with leading software solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, SAP, Infor, Sage, Oracle, MS ERP NAV, QuickBooks, and ShipExpress/Kaleris, enabling flexible field services and eliminating redundant issues.

Field Operations with Oil & Gas Field Service Software

Features & Benefits

Digital Field Service Ticket Software

Digital Field Tickets

A digital field ticket solution empowers companies and service providers by digitizing the field ticket process for faster approval and invoice submission. The e-ticketing app delivers digital field tickets with offline capabilities anytime & anywhere.

Scheduling and Dispatch FSM Product

Scheduling & Dispatch

With a web-based user interface and GPS integration, FieldEquip allows operators to plan the schedule and dispatch process easily. The advanced search capabilities allow field managers to keep track of field technicians with their job and time slot.

Work Order Management Product

Proposal & WO Management

We help managers digitally convert customer-approved proposals to work orders at the click of a button. The real-time work-log dashboard tracks and manages resources anytime, anywhere, even when there is no internet.

Field Service Reports & Analytics Software

Data Analytics & Reporting

FieldEquip facilitates enterprises to harness the power of their data with automated data dashboards and engaging reports for better business decisions. They can create real-time data analytics and customized reports to track, measure, and analyze field operations processes.

Field Service Contract Management Software

Smart Contracts

FieldEquip helps digitize the contract for keeping all essential documents in one place so that invoicing becomes rules driven. As a result, it drives the workforce efficiency and streamlines business operations.

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Go paper-free and create automatic invoices for multiple vendors to track expenses in a click with field service billing software. Field operators can now generate an error-free invoice by digitally updating the correct customer’s details.

Workflow Management Product Page

Customized Workflow & Notifications

The cloud-based app solution fosters a customized workflow to define tasks and manage business operations. FieldEquip’s mobile app enhances team collaboration by tracking field technicians via mobile notifications for better decisions and increased efficiency.

WO Sharing

WO Sharing

Get access to complete customer context by sharing the work order information between teams or clients. This helps stakeholders maintain a record and access the updated information of a worker and even track them in real-time.

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