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Field Service Management Software

Field Service Management Software

A Cloud Based Field Service Management Platform

FieldEquip facilitates field service providers to gain real-time visibility into service operations, attain better decision-making, and enhance customer engagement. Our field service management software enables digital workflows among customers, field technicians, service providers, OEMs, and equipment. Built with the technician-as-a-primary user mindset, our field service management software integrates with any system to seamlessly connect every asset and worker to the back office. Leverage our advanced software technologies to provide outcome-centric services to your clients and stay ahead of your competitors.

Features of Field Service Management Software

Mobile Field Service Management

 Keeping up with the vast requirements of field service technicians can be overwhelming. There is a constant need for collaborative communication to effectively manage multiple technicians geographically dispersed across various customers’ locations.

Mobile Field Service Management Software
Field Service Scheduling and Dispatching

Scheduling and Dispatch

The quality of the decision to schedule and/or dispatch a technician or a team to the site directly impacts the customer experience. Consequently, enabling the back office is critical for business success and enhanced first-time fix rates.

  • FieldEquip has a predefined list of various parameters, including site vicinity, certifications, training, product, ratings, and technician schedule that help schedule the right technician at the right time for the right place.
  • The dispatcher can directly choose from the suggested technicians with just one click.
  • Instantly send notifications in case of any last-minute changes.
  • Efficient field workforce planning with field service scheduling software.

Work Order Management

A critical capability of mobile field service management software is to enable technicians to perform work order debrief on a single platform. Leverage our dynamic, feature-rich platform to manage and monitor work orders from creation to job execution, covering all components of work order briefing.

Work Order Management Software
Parts Inventory Management Software

Parts Inventory Management

With the many moving resources in the field service, it becomes difficult to remain updated, especially with so many spare parts stock-keeping units (SKUs). With our Field Management Software,

  • Gain visibility into your spare parts usage, spend, status, and returns across all technicians’ site locations and moving trucks.
  • Never go out of stock by generating the automatic trigger points for order replenishments.
  • Attain complete transparency in the reverse logistics for faulty vs write-off parts, and track parts usage against multiple types of transactions.

Install Base Management

Having a 360° view of the assets is critical for the success of any job. It is challenging for field technicians to keep track of or remember the specifications of every client’s equipment. Our field service management software empowers field service professionals with,

  • An asset management tool that helps technicians perform better and empowers them to create better customer experiences.
  • Powerful capabilities to maintain asset data, including as-built bill of material, maintenance history (repaired and replaced), product configuration, and other job-critical data for enhanced service execution at the clients’ site.
Install Base Management Software
Preventive and Predictive Maintenance software

Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Technology advancements have transformed the way field service managers work. They need to leverage real-time data for better decision-making. Our ML/AI capabilities ensure that field service managers get notified of any critical faults or alarms before the failure occurs.

  • Avoid unnecessary exposure of equipment to external environments.
  • Enhance equipment life by scheduling maintenance of the right machine at the right time and saving the machines from additional wear and tear.
  • Proactively generate preventive maintenance schedules in advance and manage the workforce accordingly.

IoT Monitoring

Let FieldEquip monitor your equipment for critical faults by IoT-enabling your field machines. IoT has changed the way companies work by receiving and leveraging real-time data. However, all the machines sending so much data often cause the information to get siloed.

  • Remove silos and connect the legacy and modern machines using our manufacturer agnostic IoT edge gateway.
  • Integrate with third-party PLCs, including Allen Bradley, Siemens, and others, and always remain updated on the exact condition of your assets.
IoT Equipment Monitoring Software
Service Contract FSM

Contract Management

Eliminate paperwork by digitizing contracts, making search faster, and invoicing rules-driven using our field service management software.

  • Formulate niche contracts or entitlements and commitments.
  • Make your system smart, track your SLAs – general and niche, and receive alerts in case of any revenue leakage.
  • Manage contracts through our field service software and ensure that every party – internal, customer, or third-party contractor/subcontractor – stays on course as negotiated contract terms.
  • Assign different terms to different contracts and never worry about mixing or deviating from SLAs.

Inspection and Task Checklist

Convert your current paper-based inspection and checklist forms into smart forms within minutes.

Our field service management software features integrate well with other features and provide a unique experience and productive workflow operations through a single platform.

Field Service Inspection Software
Proposal Management Software

Proposal Management

A company must quickly respond to potential clients by adding speed to their proposals and reaching out to customers fast.

Field Service Reports & Analytics

With our field service management app, gather all the necessary data in one place. Turn data and information into actionable insights using our advanced data analytics and reporting tool.

Field Service Reports & Analytics
Digital Invoicing in FSM

Invoicing and Billing

Credibility, the essence of doing business that you build with customers and vendors, is inversely proportional to the Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). Companies can easily manage it by adopting a quick and smart invoicing and billing process. With FieldEquip, one of the best field service management solutions,

  • Generate paperless invoices automatically when the work order or field ticket gets closed.
  • Avoid confusion and transactional delays even when multiple vendors and customers are involved.
  • Instantly get invoice approvals and comparisons with the historical billings from anywhere.

Workflow Management

Implement workflow processes that meet your business needs efficiently and productively. Streamline business tasks and automate transactions from work-order-creation to invoicing for completed services.

  • Remove redundant tasks and process bottlenecks that cause delays and deliver unpredictable results.
  • Use real-time data to track, control, and coordinate essential tasks required for building an efficient field service organization.

FieldEquip intuitively arranges and merges the various tasks into effective workflows. The next-generation digital field service management platform will improve your workforce’s collaboration, decision-making, and overall field service performance.

Field Service Workflow Automation Software
Customer Self-Service Portal Software

Customer Self-Service

Successful business works on the vision of providing the best customer experience. Empower your customers by giving them portal access to easily create, manage, and track work orders.

  • Build trust with your customers by eliminating the to-and-fro conversation time.
  • Leverage the digital resources and connect with the customers’ remote team directly.
  • Take advantage of the virtual helpdesk and provide remote assistance to reduce unnecessary site visits.
  • Bridge the gap using chatbots, live ‘Talk to Us’ chat option, email, or phone.

Integrate with any ERP / Accounting / CRM

FieldEquip is supported by standard RESTful API’s and can integrate with any system to provide a seamless integrated experience for our customers. Integrate FieldEquip easily with any CRM, ERP or accounting system that you currently use.  Many integrations are provided out-of-the-box and require minimal effort to provide a seamless experience across the systems preventing double data entry. Following are some of the common integrations:

Contact us to learn how we can integrate with your system that may not be in the list above. We provide seamless integration with any system using API or file exchange.  FieldEquip supports all the acceptable security protocols for integration such as OAuth2.

FieldEquip Integrations

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