Field Data Gathering

Field Data Gathering | Field Service Management Solutions

Manual reporting is laborious and time-consuming. By the time the field service employee writes the report and commutes to the back office to relay the information, hours of valuable time are lost. FieldEquip’s oil and gas resource management software allows clients to access data through a rich manager dashboard and Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Internet of Things (IoT) cloud technology. This means eliminating the need for manual reading and interpreting of data. The oilfield management software uses cloud technology and mobile apps to allow data to be accessed in real time. The software also evaluates data and monitors data for possible alarms and failures. FieldEquip delivers field data gathering and workflow automation solutions built for the realization of the digital oilfield.

Reduce Field Service Costs with Automation

FieldEquip brings powerful technology to connect field service worker and allow for data collection from IoT enabled or legacy machines/devices in Field using various methods such as IoT, SSL, BLE

Mobile Field

Enable field workers to use mobile devices to see details and work Queue. Allow the collection of data from the field on easy-to-use mobile interface in online/offline mode.

Rental Equipment Tracking

FieldEquip can automatically track and flag rental equipment not being used in the field and further allow personnel in the field to specify the usage of the equipment.

Intelligent Field Routing

Intelligent algorithms monitor the skills of personnel along with the severity of the breakdowns or needs in the field and automatically suggest priority of the work orders to a technician in the field on their mobile.

Intelligent Prescriptive Field Service

Monitor equipment data from field and based on self-learning FieldEquip output, work orders can be dispatched automatically for predicted failures.



Data Analytics

The system uses the data to perform various predictive and prescriptive analytics. The data can be accessed by the FieldEquip software and used efficiently. The platform serves as a management tool, offering users the ability to evaluate production data and take action. The tool offers managers the ability to view multiple reports and records in various formats including PDF, CSV and Excel. It also allows the ability to keep tabs on projects and jobs.

SCADA Operations

The software can serve as a SCADA system or integrate with one currently in use. The system allows the users to raise necessary events into the supply chain for quick and timely actions. It can also automate work orders for service based on data analysis.

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