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Streamlined Chemical Inventory Management and Ordering Process for a Leading E&P Company in Texas




Our client is a well-known Texas-based exploration and production (E&P) company that specializes in identifying, acquiring, and developing high-potential upstream oil and gas assets. With a strong commitment to data-driven decision-making, the company constantly refines its strategies through comprehensive data analysis. 

Our client was seeking an application capable of capturing and analyzing the necessary data, mapping inspection routes, monitoring tank levels, and ordering processes from suppliers. Their primary objective was to gain greater control over their chemical inventory and ordering processes, as they heavily relied on a chemical supplier for inspections and information on fuel and chemical levels. By insourcing tank-level inspections and taking charge of the chemical ordering workflow, our client aimed to achieve higher accuracy in inventory management and cost control.

Our client had several key requirements from the field service management software for managing their chemical inventory workflow, including:

  • Insourcing tank levels inspections and taking over the ordering of chemicals from suppliers
  • Gaining more accurate control over the required chemical inventory and associated costs by insourcing tank-level inspections and the chemical ordering process
  • Obtaining more accurate data for forecasting volumes and costs by gaining control of the chemical ordering process
  • Utilizing company resources to inspect tank levels, preventing over-purchasing of inventory, and reducing the number of deliveries required
  • Managing the entire workflow, including mapping inspection routes for field personnel, capturing tank levels by chemicals, and placing orders with the supplier.
Field Service Software for Oil Logistics


  • Our client heavily relied on a chemical supplier to inspect and provide the chemical requirements.
  • They had little to no control over the ordering of chemicals and depended on a supplier to inspect tank levels and provide chemicals without any input.
  • They were overspending on chemical inventory unnecessarily since they had no control over the ordering process.
Streamlined Chemical Inventory Management
Streamline chemical ordering


  • The FieldEquip team worked closely with the client to understand their field workflow and tailor the FieldEquip application to match their specific needs such as control of inspections, determine chemical volume requirements, and place orders as needed, avoiding unnecessary expenses.
  • The platform offered easy access to all tank-related data, including their locations and specific configurations, enabling quick retrieval of complete information about their tanks and chemical requirements. FieldEquip allows easy downloading of data sets for independent analysis.
  • Efficient routing information was implemented to optimize the client’s tank-level management operations effectively.
  • The ordering process was made convenient with all the necessary data so that once our client has determined their chemical requirements, they can conveniently submit an order to their chemical supplier. The order submission included detailed information about the precise quantity and type of chemicals needed, ensuring accurate procurement.
  • FieldEquip, provided our client with accurate records and reporting of tank-level inspections, required chemical volumes, submitted orders, and supplier deliveries.


  • Our client went from having no control over the ordering process and purchasing amounts of chemicals to effectively manage their chemicals fulfillment operations.
  • Accurately manage their chemical inventory requirements, resulting in reduced cash outflow.
  • Improved forecasting of volume requirements and costs, leading to more accurate forecasting and budgeting.
  • Accurate data to compare orders placed with supplier invoices, ensuring billing accuracy and improving financial control.
  • Streamlined operations by integrating tank level inspections, field routing, chemical ordering, and deliveries result in a very efficient workflow.
Gain greater visibility into chemical usage

Considerable Efficiency Gains

Significant Cost Savings

Streamlined Operations

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