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Field Service Software for Production, Delivery & Logistics Industries

FieldEquip is committed to making technology simple and available to service businesses operating in diverse sectors such as production, delivery, and logistics. Whether it’s for servicing and monitoring production equipment delivery workflows or performing routine maintenance, , FieldEquip provides solutions to every requirement faced by field service companies.  

Understanding the evolving requirements across industries to quickly adopt technologies that offer effective automation, we at FieldEquip are at the forefront of providing the most suitable solutions. Our FieldEquip software platform offers flexibility, expandability, and scalability for growth. It is feature-rich providing field service organizations all the necessary functionality to operate with high efficiency generating increasing profits.

Our field service management software allows businesses to gain better control over their operations by providing visibility to production and delivery performance, inventory levels,, and operating costs. We offer a modern scheduling environment for dispatchers, an intuitive mobile app for technicians in the field, and a robust platform to manage your entire service business. This includes in-house service and maintenance, IoT monitoring for enhanced visibility, robotics and automation integration, and efficient production and delivery management.

Key features of the FieldEquip application include IoT monitoringwork order managementseamless integrationonline and offline mobile access and collaboration, analytics and reporting, and customization capabilities to tailor the platform to suit your specific needs. 

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Key Features

Mobile Field Service Management

Mobile Field Service Management

Manage your field operations directly using our FieldEquip’s mobile app on your device of choice. Perform assigned work orders and field tickets, record work activity, capture customers’ digital signatures for approval, and many other functions by using our mobile app.

Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Monitor equipment’s condition to proactively sustain maximum uptime with the predictive and preventative maintenance feature in FieldEquip. Receive automated notifications to schedule maintenance prior to potential equipment failure.

IoT Monitoring Product Page

IoT Monitoring

Monitor equipment health and production in real-time through this EquipConnect IoT based application. You will receive automatic alerts of potential equipment failure from EquipConnect IoT to avoid disruptions in productivity.

SLA & KPI Measurement

SLA & KPI Measurement

Setup your SLA & KPI using FieldEquip’s software suite. Set needed KPIs' parameters so that it is easy to keep track of work progress with goals in mind. Receive a notification for any deviation from KPIs. Create SLA with clients across multiple time zones so that each stakeholder understands the ins and outs of the contract. Pause, suspend, or close SLAs as and when required.

Field Service Automation Solution

Field Service Automation

Automating field service operations with FieldEquip helps in tracking asset failure fast. The software tracks asset failure in real-time, eliminates the scope of error, and allows you to respond to issues faster. In addition, the system helps send notifications to the right team when it detects failures before they occur. Using FieldEquip AI, businesses can solve potential issues in advance and dispatch field service technicians via desktop and mobile. It also ensures that the right team is getting to the right place and easily automates the payroll process.

Parts Inventory Management

Field Inventory Management

Ensure that field technicians carry the required spare parts and the appropriate quantities to maximize their first-time fix rate and minimize equipment downtime. FieldEquip provides complete visibility of all field parts stocking locations, including central warehouses. In addition, our inventory management feature provides them with visibility of other nearby technicians’ inventory, allowing them to serve customers in a better way.

Workflow Management Product Page

Service / Work History

FieldEquip’s unified web and mobile interface allow companies to immediately access the service logs of equipment, tools, asset, and machines, including their maintenance. The dashboard mobile app gives technicians easy access to equipment diagnostic data, work history, schematics, checklists, and documents, in real time. It helps them stay informed about their assets, easily make the most of the asset lifecycle investments, and make smarter decisions.


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FieldEquip is able to monitor locations of a variety of field assets as well as field personnel using geo-tracking and geo-fencing features.  FieldEquip captures and provides comprehensive information data sets relative to customer assets and field workforce performance.

Our cloud-based FSM solution has the capability to manage big data with the latest storage, search, and security standards and techniques.  As a native cloud-based platform, FieldEquip is transactionally seamless and highly scalable, allowing companies to easily grow their business to their full potential.

To start, FieldEquip enables your customers to easily communicate with your organization using our customer portal feature. Customers are able to view or request account specific information without having to call. They are able to place service-related requests and provide detailed information on specific problems or issues. This level of communication between your customers and your organizations helps secure a long-term partnership resulting in repeat and new business.

FieldEquip could be integrated with various CRM and ERP software platforms providing seamless data transfers between systems while executing transactions in real time.

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