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Field Service Work Order Sharing Management Software

Field Service Work Order Sharing Management Software Solution

The field service management software for work order sharing gives businesses access to complete customer context by sharing the work order details between teams or clients. It helps maintain a single record of all the information related to service tasks. Also, these records can be shared through SMS or email across teams via smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

It gives stakeholders a closer view of every project with actionable insights and easy sharing access. In addition, they can directly access up-to-date details, such as the status of current field service work order, customer history, priority work orders, type of issue, arrival/departure time, etc.

Work Order Sharing: Key Features And Benefits

Paperless Approach

Better Communication

Save Time

Customer Experience

Our Value Propositions

  • Allows staff/customers to manage, track, or access updated information in real-time
  • Enables operators to create, assign, edit, or re-assign work orders easily to field workers and update services
  • Automated docs that are easy to access and more secure
  • Better communication and collaboration between teams and with clients
  • Quick access to real-time work order updates like service management, dispatch, or maintenance


Ask us about our WO Sharing

Some of the tasks or jobs need multiple teams to work on the same task. In that case, work order sharing plays a vital role notifying different teams about the tasks and work collaboratively.

Yes, FieldEquip has capability to create work orders automatically once the client approves the proposal which means your team can prepare to work instantly, minimizing the turnaround time.

Yes, FieldEquip’s WO solution is easily compatible and integrates with Quickbooks, Infor, Salesforce etc. to execute your current business operations smoothly. Check out the complete list of integrations here.

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