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FieldEquip’s customer self-service portal is tailored to meet the evolving business needs. This modern customer management solution lets customers get the service they need quickly. Instead of seeking professional help, users can use their mobile device to scan an equipment’s label, QR code, or serial number and efficiently initiate service calls. It further helps reduce call volume and empowers customers to access the service they need.

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Your customers expect service at their fingertips and on their timeline, rather than via phone. That’s why a self-service portal is the best solution for them and your business. It allows your customers to request services, manage their accounts, and get status updates online and on-demand.

Not every service request needs to be initiated with a phone call. By using a self-service portal and application, your business can enjoy the benefits of a reduced need for call centers and phone customer service representatives.

Our extensive experience in working with field service organizations, industrial machinery, and field equipment allowed us to bring digital automation solutions through our FieldEquip Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite of products.

FieldEquip’s platform offers an open API that can integrate seamlessly with any backend or cloud application. Two-way Integration available with major enterprise systems (EAM, ERP, CRM, Accounting) such as SAP, Infor, Sage, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and many more improves cash flow, decreases billing times, and provides real-time inventory updates.

Absolutely! We offer free demonstrations and a consultative and collaborative process for all of our potential new partners.

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