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Spare Parts Management

The Three R’s of Parts Management: Right Parts, Right Place, Right Time

Whether you are working with preventive or predictive maintenance, visibility of your parts inventory will play a vital role in the success of your operations. Without proper transparency, the parts sitting on shelves won’t get where they need to at the right time. However, keeping track of spare parts can be a challenge with older models of record-keeping and tracking.

FieldEquip’s spare parts management solution makes it easy for organizations to track parts across worksites and improve inventory accuracy. Through this management system, you can find specific parts from any warehouse in the area as well as the price of the part and how long it will take to arrive.

FieldEquip wanted to make sure you could save time and make the most cost-effective purchase. The software we’ve created will track warehouse inventory so workers can continue their jobs without worry of equipment failure or delay or production.


Save time using Spare Parts Management Software

Save Your Valuable Time

By viewing the information of all parts available, you will be able to see the location, on-hand amount, unit cost, and item number easily and comparably. While working on ordering parts and replacing old equipment, you have the option to attach photos of your own. This feature allows for easy identification across all stages and personnel.

Get Notifications When Running Low

Our smart system has the ability to auto-generate a purchase order at a preset reorder point. FieldEquip’s spare parts management program will track your inventory to ensure that you never run too low on the hands-on amount in your office. This will directly save your expedited costs.

Automatic Notification System
Predictive Maintenance Schedule for Spare Parts

Streamline Parts Using Predictive Analysis

If you have a maintenance schedule in your facility, then FieldEquip’s solution can relate the parts to the schedule to save time and streamline all repairs and preventive maintenance. The spare parts management system will generate alarms and let technicians know when they should get what parts to repair or assist in completing a task.

Gain Control of Your Inventory Movement

In the old days, managers needed to approve each request for every part physically. Now requestors have the ability to ask for the materials online. The spare part management software makes it easier for the approver to complete the task digitally. Each part requested is charged out of inventory after being approved, meaning inventory management is tracked without worry.

Control Spare Parts Inventory Management
Truck/Car Inventory Tracking System

Mobile Inventory Tracking

If you have a fleet of trucks or cars with equipment in them, tracking what is in each truck can be a challenge. Should you need to perform a service miles from your center of operations, it is important to know which trucks have what equipment and where they are. Through FieldEquip, you can locate the right part and truck for each clients’ requirements.

All you need to do is add the requirements to our smart system, and we will take care of you after that. Now, instead of traveling back and forth multiple times a day, you can carry correct parts in your trucks so that you can work in the most time and cost-economical manner. Our system can also help you ship the parts directly to your service technicians should they be unable to go to the warehouse.

Customers’ consumption tracking

Our tracking system shows the inventory of the store on site as well as other sites you have through an easy-to-use and accessible dashboard. FieldEquip’s dashboard can also show the spare parts consumption through communication with each customer. This feature is valuable to a vendor. Our system can notify you when you need to deliver your product to your customer.

Spare Parts Consumption Tracking at Customer Site

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