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Digital Field Ticketing Software

Digitize your Field Ticketing Process End-to-End

FieldEquip can help you digitize your field ticketing process all the way from back office to field, internal and customer approvals and invoicing. It empowers field service companies to complete and process field tickets using mobile technology in the field. It eliminates the need to rely on paper forms, spreadsheets, and emails to gather data, get that data back to the office, and process it.

FieldEquip field ticketing management software streamlines the complete field operations. It eliminates data re-entry and helps to create accurate invoices that get paid without revisions.  FieldEquip integrates with any ERP or accounting system.

Features of Field Ticketing Management Software

Scheduling and Dispatch 

Significantly improve field service resource planning and utilization and gain the efficiencies you expect. Automate your field service scheduling and dispatch activities in real-time to reduce costs, quickly attend to high call volume, and eliminate the scope of error.

  • Easy to use scheduler to view, organize, and manage field staff
  • Filter resources based on skills, certifications, and proximity to the client
  • Get real-time work order updates
Field Service Scheduling and Dispatching
Work Order Management Software

Work Order Management 

Simplify all aspects of work order management with FieldEquip. Quickly and easily access customer and work order history at the click of a button. Digitize work orders to save time by eliminating paper-based activities and dispatch them to the field workforce using a mobile app.

Service Contracts  

Put your business contracts on autopilot with FieldEquip service contracts software. FieldEquip automatically applies customers’ entitlements to work orders and projects, eliminating administrative efforts, discrepancies, and errors.

  • Gain maximum value from your contracts
  • Eliminate pricing discrepancies and invoicing errors
  • Experience easy access to customer pricing adjustments and other entitlements
Service Contract FSM
Field Ticketing Software

Field Ticketing Software

Digital field tickets allow organizations to eliminate time-consuming and inefficient processes, such as paper forms, spreadsheets, and emails. Field operators can also use digital field ticketing software to get data back to the office quickly and accurately at the click of a button.

  • Generate, review, and approve field tickets faster
  • Shorten field ticket and invoice approval times to half and gain spend visibility faster
  • Enable faster payment with a smart field service ticketing system

Personnel Timekeeping

FieldEquip provides fully integrated timekeeping within the platform through a mobile app, where the technician or field personnel can clock in and out as they would in the office. Easily capture timecard and job data from the field and avoid manual data entry errors.

Field Service Time Tracking Software
Asset Equipment tracking Software

Asset Equipment tracking 

Get 360-degree visibility into customer assets and your equipment using FieldEquip asset equipment tracking software. It enables field service organizations to transition from reactive to predictive maintenance and save time, money, and resources.

  • Optimize asset and equipment utilization
  • Centralized view of assets and equipment in real-time
  • Get IoT-enabled proactive notifications in case of service-critical faults

JSA Forms - Safety & Compliance

FieldEquip offers ready-to-use job safety analysis (JSA) forms that field workers and technicians can attach to the jobs and access on any mobile device. Field workers can access the appropriate forms along with the work order details on any mobile device thus saving hours spent in traveling back and forth to the office. FieldEquip makes this time consuming task a breeze by automating at various levels as described below:

  • Create new smart forms in minutes and attach to work order templates
  • Mandate the crews and workers in field to fill out the forms before commencing work
  • Capture digital signatures from each worker as acknowledgement on mobile device
  • Maintain signed digital copies of the forms along with the work orders and field tickets for compliance auditing 

FieldEquip platform enables companies to provide a safe work environment and comply with the necessary laws and regulations. All the data is maintained on secured cloud storage for auditing purposes. Supervisors can easily run reports to monitor compliance by the crews in the field.

Job Safety Analysis Form for Oilfield Workers

Reporting and Dashboards

Convert your data into actionable insights using analytics & field reporting software. FieldEquip empowers businesses to transform information collected from various Field operations into reporting dashboards to help you make data driven business decisions. The reports provide the monthly records of work orders, the technician’s data working on it and the time spent to execute a particular task. This also helps in monitoring the productivity and efficiency of the field workforce.

  • Put data to work and make the right decision with FieldEquip
  • Get data-driven insights through Gantt charts and graphs
  • Get better understanding of the past patterns driven by historical data

Integrate with any ERP / Accounting / CRM

FieldEquip is supported by standard RESTful API’s and can integrate with any system to provide a seamless integrated experience for our customers. Integrate FieldEquip easily with any CRM, ERP or accounting system that you currently use.  Many integrations are provided out-of-the-box and require minimal effort to provide a seamless experience across the systems preventing double data entry. Following are some of the common integrations:

Contact us to learn how we can integrate with your system that may not be in the list above. We provide seamless integration with any system using API or file exchange.  FieldEquip supports all the acceptable security protocols for integration such as OAuth2.

FieldEquip Integrations

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