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Field Service Integrations


Experience Smooth Integration with FieldEquip for Existing Enterprise Solutions

FieldEquip seamlessly integrates with other enterprise software solutions and facilitates flexible field services. It also enables quick and cost-effective integrations that avoid redundant issues, which may lead to excessive resource usage.

FieldEquip remains at the top of all existing field service management tools with its ability to integrate with enterprise resource management systems and streamline field services.

Integration Systems

OpenInvoice integration logo


FieldEquip eliminates paper invoicing and facilitates easy integration with OpenInvoice to automate the accounting process. Paperless invoicing means minimal errors, pre-validation of information, more visibility, quicker review and invoice approval, and integration with backend systems that significantly saves resources and improves strategic decision making. OpenInvoice also has invoicing and supplier onboarding capabilities, which enables business-to-business and financial systems integration. FieldEquip’s integration with OpenInvoice enhances business productivity, cost savings, and strategic initiatives without worrying about the intricacies of Invoicing.

SAP logo


With FieldEquip integration to SAP, businesses can extend their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system capabilities at an advanced level. It further unlocks SAP across the domains of people, process, and technology to drive advancement and the pace of business. In addition, FieldEquip facilitates interaction with the SAP ecosystem to exchange work order-related information that leads to enhanced connectivity and data sharing between field service teams and back-office support to realign their fragmented operations and streamline core business activities.

KPA EHS Software Integration

KPA: EHS Software

FieldEquip seamlessly integrates with KPA EHS, which ensures smooth data flow as well as gives you greater control over your field service operations and EHS programs. This integration saves valuable business time and gives users an easy access to crucial data such as equipment reports, compliance data, safety observations, etc.

QuickBooks logo


FieldEquip easily integrates with existing business book-keeping frameworks, such as Quickbooks to ensure all monetary and book-keeping contemplation are included. For example, a company can easily import a chart of accounts, products & tax information from Quickbooks in FieldEquip. Conversely, it allows exporting invoices of completed work orders from FieldEquip straight into QuickBooks for keeping financial and field service data in sync, saving significant time, reducing accounting errors, and managing client questions seamlessly.

FieldEquip Instrumentation & Automation logo

Instrumentation & Automation

FieldEquip empowers businesses to integrate existing industrial machines using IIoT edge gateway for gathering and analyzing real-time data. It gives businesses the power to visualize the entire production floor operations from a single screen and quickly identify productivity issues. Furthermore, it’s easy to access critical data anytime, escalate alarms from anywhere, and provide remote access to field service technicians for improved workflow efficiency and reduced downtime. FieldEquip’s IoT Edge Gateway device is manufacturer agnostic and allows integration to a variety of systems/equipment in the field, like

  • Emerson ROC800
  • Emerson ROC800L
  • Allen & Bradley PLC
  • SCADA systems such as Ignition, Wonderware, OPC-UA
  • Industry-specific integration with packaging systems
    • CMC Cartonwrap
    • CMC Smartmailer
    • Bell and Howell Sorting machines
    • Packsize packaging equipment
Infor Syteline logo

Infor Syteline

Integrating FieldEquip with Infor Syteline ensures proper execution of backend operations and sync with field service or customer service-related operations. For example, with FieldEquip integration & Infor Syteline, field technicians can oversee the requirement of parts or subparts to be needed to perform a work order. FieldEquip extracts the bill of material information of the machine from Infor Syteline and utilizes this information while completing a work order.

Microsoft Dynamics logo

Microsoft Dynamics

FieldEquip integrates with Microsoft Business Central to easily exchange information and add significant value to business field service requirements. Integration between these platforms makes it easy for field service organizations and industries to incorporate service order components in real-time.

  • Sales Cloud:

The integration to the CRM and sales side involves syncing customer accounts, orders, commissions, and possibly invoicing details.

ShipXpress Integration logo


FieldEquip has now the capability to integrate with ShipXpress. ShipXpress is a premier provider of cloud-based truck transportation management solutions which enable industrial shippers to efficiently operate and collaborate with their supply chain partners. This integration allows field data to be seamlessly collected and updated in real-time from our driver app to ShipXpress. It will also remove the manual work of updating information on ShipXpress and eliminate the scope of error. The combined capabilities of FieldEquip and ShipXpress will empower our customers and help them in simplifying their business processes.

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