Experience smooth integration with FieldEquip for your existing enterprise solutions!

FieldEquip seamlessly integrate with other enterprise software solutions efficiently that facilitates you more fluid field services by connecting multiple automated integrated platforms.

FieldEquip gives you quick and cost-effective integrations that stays away from run of the mill issues which lead to long and costly executions.

FieldEquip is at the top of all existing field service management tools that have the capabilities to integrate with enterprise resource management systems and gives the privilege to streamline your field services.

Oil and Gas Software Services


Chemical Management Software


FieldEquip not only eliminates paper invoicing but also facilitates easy integration with OpenInvoice to automate your accounting process. Paperless invoicing means less mistakes, pre-validation of information, more visibility, quicker review and approval of invoices and integration with back-end systems that significantly saves resources and improves strategic decision making.

OpenInvoice has invoicing and supplier on-boarding capabilities, which enable business-to-business and financial systems integration.

FieldEquip’s integration with OpenInvoice leverages you to improve your company’s productivity, cost savings, and strategic initiatives without worrying about the intricacies of Invoicing.

Chemical Management Software


With FieldEquip integration to SAP, you can extend your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system capabilities at advanced level. FieldEquip empowers you to unlock SAP across the domains of people, process, and technology to drive advancement and the pace of your business.

Using FieldEquip, you can interact with SAP ecosystem to exchange work order related information. This enhances connectivity and data sharing between field service team and back office support to realign their fragmented operations and streamline core business activities.

Field Data Collection Software


Integrate your present business bookkeeping framework like Quickbooks with FieldEquip to ensure all monetary and bookkeeping contemplation has been included.

You can import chart of accounts, products & tax information from Quickbooks in FieldEquip. Conversely,you also can export invoices of completed work orders from FieldEquip straight into QuickBooks to keep your financial and field service data in sync. This saves your significant time, reduces accounting mistakes andmanages client questions error-free.

Oil Pipeline Inspection Software

Instrumentation & Automation

FieldEquip empowers you to integrate your existing Industrial machines using our IIoT edge gateway for gathering and analyzing real time data. It gives power to visualize the entire production floor operations from a single screen and quickly identify productivity issues. Using FieldEquip, you can access critical data anytime, escalate alarms from anywhere,and provide remote accessibility to field service techniciansto increase workflow efficiency and reduce downtime.

FieldEquip’s IoT Edge Gateway device is manufacturer agnostic and provides integration to a variety of systems/equipment in the field like

  • Emerson ROC800
  • Emerson ROC800L
  • Allen & Bradley PLC
  • SCADA systems such as Ignition, Wonderware, OPC-UA
  • Industry specific integration with packaging systems
    • CMC Cartonwrap
    • CMC Smartmailer
    • Bell and Howell Sorting machines
    • Packsize packaging equipment

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