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Oil Field Trucking FSM Software

Accurately Track the Location of Assets & Resources Using Field Asset Tracking Software

FieldEquip’s geo-tracking and geo-fencing features make keeping track of field personnel and assets easy. In addition, the automatic time tracking feature, helps locate the assets, notifies as soon as the technicians enter the vicinity of the site, automatically initiates the time tracking feature, and help know what skill set is already at the site to plan accordingly.

Also, the software enables tracking of the rental equipment and gets notified as soon as equipment leaves the site. FieldEquip even can auto-checkout equipment in these situations.

Furthermore, assigning tags to every asset becomes easy, which helps track every asset’s movement, including the powerless equipment.

Geo-Tracking & Geo-Fencing: Key Features & Benefits

Reduce Waiting Time

Utilization Hours Vs. Billable Hours

Know About Available Skillset

Notify Immediately During Mis-Direction

Our Value Propositions

  • There is no longer a need to contact each worker to mark their presence in the schedule
  • Alert an asset that it is going the wrong way as soon as it happens
  • Stop the contract hours as soon as rental equipment leaves the fencing area
  • Increase manageability by knowing the present skillset in the field to plan jobs accordingly
  • Boost team coordination by assigning teams with a similar pattern of in-time and out-time

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Ask us about our Geo Tracking & Geo Fencing

FieldEquip can be easily implemented in the oil and gas industry and many other industries also where it needs to track the assets, equipment, technicians etc. Its GPS tracking functionality helps track resources, trucks, equipment in real-time irrespective of industry.

FieldEquip has multiple features which can help tracking the rental equipment, tickets, work-order etc. Our Geo-tracking feature helps locate the real-time location of the equipment to improve the efficiency of customer delivery. Further, you can maximize the rental revenue by maintaining contracts and providing full equipment services mentioned in the contract.

Our software could be easily integrated with many CRM, ERP like Infor, Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics etc. Our team can integrate your current tracking system with FieldEquip so your current operations would not suffer.

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