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Client: J & J Tamez – An Oilfield Chemical Company

Real-Time Connectivity to Mobile Assets in Field Using Internet Of Things (IoT)








An Independent Oilfield Service Company Providing Chemicals To Operators In Shale Frac Operations

Our customer is a privately-owned Oil and Gas service company. They provide industry-leading chemical solutions for all O&G industry needs. They also offer an extensive product portfolio for drilling, fracking, completion, and production of chemical solutions. They operate their mobile trailer units with complete equipment installed on the trailer along with necessary chemical totes. In addition, they have a small data cabin on the trailer unit.

This service company wanted to offer advanced solutions to its customers. They wanted to provide complete visibility into the operational data in real-time to their customers, many of whom are large operators, such as BP petroleum. The real-time access to operations data can enable engineers to monitor the progress remotely and make any changes in the chemical mix, pressure, and tank levels remotely.


  • Customers/Operators need to make decisions when the job is in progress in real-time
  • Mobile units in the remote areas that do not have a high bandwidth Internet service
  • Digital transformation in the oil patch necessary to overcome the tough environment
Challenges Real time connectivity
IoT Edge Gateway


  • FieldEquip data gateway appliance to provide IoT connectivity to Emerson and Allen & Bradley PLC equipment
  • Stream the data in real-time to EquipConnect IoT platform in the cloud
  • Data analysis performed by EquipConnect module of FieldEquip and results delivered via mobile App and Web portal
  • Multi-channel communication delivered via text, email, and push notifications on mobile
Oil Field


  • Enabled connectivity to mobile chemical injection trailer units, which are installed with PLC’s and measuring equipment from different manufacturers
  • Real-time access to operational data on Cloud
  • Mission-critical, 99.9% available solution on AWS
  • Completely managed software solution on the cloud-delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with minimal OPEX spending
Work Order Well production chemicals


Mission-critical, 99.9% available solution on AWS


Enabled connectivity to mobile chemical injection trailer units


Field reports generated every year

Solution & Opportunities

Digitization Of The Field Units Without Having To Invest Millions
In general, enabling IoT for the oil field equipment using the solutions provided by industry leaders, such as Emerson and Honeywell, can be cost-prohibitive. Our customer is relatively a smaller Oil and Gas service provider and was looking to have a fully digital solution without having to invest millions in technology. As they were building new units, they were also installing measurement (pressure monitors, flow meters, etc.) devices, sensors, and PLC’s from different manufacturers. They wanted to have a solution that will be secure, reduce capital expenditure (CAPEX), and result in minimal operational costs (OPEX) and manufacturer agnostic.

Implementation Of FieldEquip IoT Edge Gateway
FieldEquip IoT Edge gateway was installed on each mobile unit that will be wired through the cellular gateway to the FieldEquip cloud platform. FieldEquip engineers configured new data points in their interface to Emerson ROC 800L, Allen Bradley, etc. PLC’s in the field. The gateway technology took all the data received from the PLC’s and converted it into lightweight MQTT messages that had to be sent automatically to the EquipConnect IoT module of FieldEquip.

FieldEquip Edge Gateway has the built-in technology to cache the data locally in case of connectivity failures and to automatically push the data from the cache to EquipConnect IoT core upon restoration of connectivity. The data is then automatically transmitted to EquipConnect intelligent analytics platform for ingestion, data visualization, and analytics. FieldEquip presents the data monitoring dashboards, alerts, and workflow automation through different channels, such as mobile app and portal applications, to the end-users.

Delivery Of A Cutting-Edge IoT Solution At Very Little Cost
Our solution is very scalable and requires a very simple configuration of FieldEquip Edge Gateway at the site, which easily connects the unit with the FieldEquip cloud platform. Our customer paid the very little upfront cost to set up the FieldEquip platform and then a nominal subscription cost for each unit per month. We delivered a world-class scalable solution that can handle terabytes of data flowing from the oil field and deliver this data for visualization, interpretation, and action in real-time.

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