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Connectivity for the Next Generation of Field Service Management

EquipConnect provides real-time equipment data essential for proactive and predictive measures that sustain maximum uptime.

EquipConnect unlocks legacy and modern equipment data, providing secure Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. It empowers businesses with remote capabilities, such as fault conditions alarms, diagnostics, equipment settings control, and triggers work-order notifications directly to FieldEquip. Furthermore, FieldEquip’s edge gateway technology can decipher complex data streams from traditional log files and IoT sensors or tap directly into PLC data through a local machine network.


FieldEquip Edge Gateway Appliance

IoT Edge Gateway

Edge gateway appliance is manufacturer agnostic and easily connects with any original equipment manufacturer (OEM). It enables edge computing to bring fast computation and data storage closer to equipment, saving bandwidth and enhancing local response time. In addition, it allows the data to be analyzed at the source and presents only the relevant information and actionable insights necessary to support local operations. Further, data can be securely sent using IoT to the FieldEquip cloud in real-time for data visualization, notifications, and deep learning/analysis.


Measurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Monitor the performance of assets against pre-defined metrics. These key performance indicators (KPI) will reflect whether your equipment in the field or industrial facility produces the expected output. For an equipment/machinery operator, it is equally important to know the uptime, downtime, and interruptions in production to gauge the effectiveness of the internal field service organization (FSO) or external field service provider (FSP). Proper measurement will also help analyze operators’ performance during different shifts, provide necessary training, and improve processes. In addition, the measurement of critical parameters will make the external service providers accountable to service level agreements (SLA). EquipConnect provides customizable KPIs and SLAs presented visually via graphs, push notifications, and so forth on the mobile application and web portal. This allows field technicians, service managers, and management to visualize customer operations remotely.

Remote diagnostics and service
Outcome Based Service Contracts

Monitoring to Support Outcome Based Service Contracts

Field service providers (FSP) face new realities in the digital age. They have to offer a new type of outcome-based contracts, be it an outcome of machine/equipment productivity or uptime of the equipment. New service business models require field service providers to have a direct line of sight into the equipment operations and productivity. EquipConnect enables service providers to have proper visibility into the equipment productivity and uptime. In addition, EquipConnect allows remote service and automatic service request creation in case of critical faults and constantly deliver key metrics required to support the service contracts.

Proactive Notifications to Service Critical Faults

EquipConnect connects field assets/equipment using (IoT) technology. It directly connects to the IoT-enabled and legacy equipment using the edge gateway appliance (FieldEquip Edge Gateway). Edge gateway can connect to any PLC such as Allen Bradly, Honeywell, Siemens and can read log files, pull data from databases, and convert it into IoT data streams. This allows EquipConnect to proactively inform various stakeholders of the critical faults through text messages, push notifications, and/or emails.

Notification System for Smooth Workflow
Digital Twin

Digital Twin of Operations and Equipment

EquipConnect makes the field operations and equipment well connected. It democratizes the data to the cloud enabling digital twin representation of the operational process and the equipment. Its smart analytics engine gathers all the data and correlates it for a complete visual representation of the process and/or equipment operation. As a result, EquipConnect can help businesses identify bottlenecks and problematic areas quickly in the process. For example, receiving at the dock takes longer than average in the 3rd shift.

Remote Diagnostics and Service

With EquipConnect, real-time data analysis and actions can be enabled at the edge, and selective data can be sent to the cloud for deep learning and intelligent field service workflows. Detect critical faults in the machine, collect the diagnostic information automatically and inject a service order into the FieldEquip field service platform or any other 3rd party field service platform using EquipConnect. It allows the technical team to remotely study the problem, provide necessary remote support, or send a technician to the field.

Remote Diagnostics and Service
Preventive Maintenance ​FSM

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

Equipment failure is the key to increased repairing costs and production delays. FieldEquip’s software keeps track of equipment and its health to reduce downtime. It keeps track of Mean time before failure (MTBF) and Mean time to repair (MTTR) and notifies the technical team in advance to take corrective actions on time. Furthermore, FieldEquip uses real-time data and analytics to predict when a machine may fail and schedule the equipment’s repair before it has the chance to break. FieldEquip’s software and analysis significantly reduce the probability of equipment malfunction, ensuring that deadlines/targets are met, and costs remain stable.

Integrate with any ERP / Accounting / CRM

FieldEquip is supported by standard RESTful API’s and can integrate with any system to provide a seamless integrated experience for our customers. Integrate FieldEquip easily with any CRM, ERP or accounting system that you currently use.  Many integrations are provided out-of-the-box and require minimal effort to provide a seamless experience across the systems preventing double data entry. Following are some of the common integrations:

Contact us to learn how we can integrate with your system that may not be in the list above. We provide seamless integration with any system using API or file exchange.  FieldEquip supports all the acceptable security protocols for integration such as OAuth2.

FieldEquip Integrations

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