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Field Service Workflow Automation Software & Notification System

FieldEquip delivers a cloud-based app solution to businesses with a customized workflow to streamline operations and boost field service efficiencies. FieldEquip allows different industries to quickly manage, analyze, track, and make data-backed business decisions.

According to Forbes, “73% of employees perform more than 50 recurring tasks every week”. The field service workflow automation software by FieldEquip helps manage workflows by automating predictable and recurring task sequences. In addition, it connects field technicians directly to the office by notifying workers via the mobile app of their scheduled work times and required equipment data. With the notification system, field personnel automatically get up-to-date schedule alerts, eliminating miscommunication and optimizing productivity.

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A workflow automation software helps teams to create customized workflows to manage different jobs (recurring or non-recurring). These workflows are automated, so once a team/individual has completed the job, it will assign next tasks automatically.

Through a notification system, your field technicians can check their next schedule on their mobile devices without wasting time to call the back office. Technicians come to know about recurring tasks, critical tasks etc. This automated system boosts the productivity of technicians and hence increases revenue.

FieldEquip’s workflow automation software empowers you to create customized workflows according to your requirement which makes it compatible to work in every industry. Check the complete list of industries in which our software is already being used.

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