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Field Service Workflow Automation Software

Configurable Field Service Workflows to Implement Your Business Processes

Field Service Workflow Process Automation Software & Notification System

A recent Forbes survey suggested that 73% of employees perform over 50 recurring tasks every week.

FieldEquip provides complete flexibility for businesses to build their unique business processes for field service operations.  FieldEquip field service management workflow steps are completely configurable where the user can turn the step on or off and further specify proactive notifications at each step to different user groups. Each user group sees clearly the work queues as per the workflow configuration and gets notified for the actions to be performed.  FieldEquip field service workflow automation makes sure that no work is stuck in the process.  Each work order and field ticket flows through the steps smoothly including data capture in the field, necessary internal/customer approvals and subsequent invoicing.  It is a breeze to apply different field service workflows to different lines of business or job types. FieldEquip enables fast and accurate invoicing leading to better cash flows for the business.  Workflows are fully supported by multi-channel notifications including SMS/Text, email, and push notifications to mobile and web. 

Enhance efficiency and improve the speed of field service with the best field service workflow automation software.

Field Service Workflow Automation Software: Key Features and Benefits

Streamline Your Business Processes

Real-Time Communication

Work Queues by Role

Increase Productivity

Our Value Propositions

  • Easy to use configurable field service workflows allow field technicians and back office operations to see and work on relevant jobs
Customizable screens, work types and workflows
  • Implement consistent processes across mobile, remote and in-office workers
Field Ticketing Software
  • Ensure smooth flow of jobs through the process all the way to invoicing for faster cash flow
Invoicing Software Screen
  • Streamlines customer-employee collaboration with real-time communication via notifications
Send auto-ETA-notifications
  • Helps increase ROI, enhance productivity and improve operational KPIs with workflows
Increase ROI
Customizable screens, work types and workflows
Field Ticketing Software
Invoicing Software Screen
Send auto-ETA-notifications
Increase ROI

Automate your field operations with FieldEquip and deliver the best customer experience!

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Ask us about our Workflow Automation Software

A workflow automation software helps teams to create customized workflows to manage different jobs (recurring or non-recurring). These workflows are automated, so once a team/individual has completed the job, it will assign next tasks automatically.

Through a notification system, your field technicians can check their next schedule on their mobile devices without wasting time to call the back office. Technicians come to know about recurring tasks, critical tasks etc. This automated system boosts the productivity of technicians and hence increases revenue.

FieldEquip’s workflow automation software empowers you to create customized workflows according to your requirement which makes it compatible to work in every industry. Check the complete list of industries in which our software is already being used.

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Configurable Workflows Management System

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