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Field Service Time Tracking Software

Field Service Time Tracking Software

Simplify your payroll and avoid multiple time data entry using built-in timekeeping

Personnel timekeeping can be a challenge for field service organizations.  These personnel are mostly in the field and mobile, making clock-in and clock-out on the job, impossible.  It makes the job of supervisors and managers difficult in managing the workforce remotely as they don’t know who actually showed up for work and who did not. 

FieldEquip provides fully integrated timekeeping within the platform through a mobile app, where the technician or any field personnel can clock in and out as they would do in the office. The mobile app will record the GPS coordinates of the personnel and calculate the hours spent automatically and build bi-weekly timesheets for each individual. Timekeeping card captures data from the field can be reviewed and approved by supervisors on any device and this data is seamlessly integrated into the payroll system to avoid any manual data entry errors.

FieldEquip can monitor and report productivity based on the time spent on actual jobs vs. clock time helping the management team to optimize the use of resources and increase productivity.  Dispatchers in the back office can clearly see field personnel who are on the clock right from their dispatch screen and schedule the resources knowing their real-time availability.

FieldEquip supports bulk time entry for crews who may not have access to mobile and data can be entered by their Foreman and Supervisors as well. It can capture time off such as vacation, sick time, and so forth.

Easily capture timecard and job data from the field and avoid manual data entry errors

Personnel Timekeeping Software: Key Features and Benefits

Efficient Timekeeping Management

Field Personnel Productivity

Easy Payroll Management

Improved Safety

Our Value Propositions

  • Accurate timekeeping on any mobile device online/offline
Accurate timekeeping
  • Easy tracking of worker productivity
Easy tracking of worker productivity
Timekeeping fully integrated
  • Easy handling of contract workforce payroll hours
Easy handling of contract workforce payroll hours
Automated workflow for review
Accurate timekeeping
Easy tracking of worker productivity
Timekeeping fully integrated
Easy handling of contract workforce payroll hours
Automated workflow for review

Step into an automated Personnel Timekeeping future. Literally.


Answering your questions about our digital field service ticketing system

FieldEquip’s digital field ticketing application enables field service companies to use mobile devices and the internet to complete and process field tickets.

Digital field tickets virtually eliminate the need for paper forms, spreadsheets, and emails to get data back to the office and processed correctly. As a result, your organization can generate, review, and approve digital field tickets for faster invoice approvals and payments.

FieldEquip frees your organization from the limited capabilities of traditional ERP systems that don’t work for field service and equipment connectivity by offering an open API that can integrate seamlessly with any backend or cloud application.

When you replace handwritten forms with digital input methods, you also reduce human errors and eliminate the need for repetitive reviews. The digital platform also allows for automated reporting.

Our technology uses today’s leading advancements to deliver an oilfield field ticket software that will make any operator more competitive and efficient.

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