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With FieldEquip’s time tracking software, easily track the working hours of every technician every day. FieldEquip is an accurate timekeeper that allows field service managers to easily monitor and review each technician’s time tracked per job. As a result, get a clear distinction between payroll time and actual time.

On top of that, the on-duty and off-duty systems capture the data of each field technician, giving businesses a precise picture of resource utilization. They can adjust the schedule and optimize the field workforce using this information. This simple to use and vital system also eliminates the need to maintain physical logs of every technician working on a project. It also minimizes the chances of logs being misplaced or damaged.

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FieldEquip has an intuitive mobile app that allows tracking technicians’ on-duty and off-duty timing easily. Through this, it is easy to find the actual time taken to complete a particular task.

FieldEquip can IoT-enable your equipment so you can always remain updated on your assets’ exact condition. Our manufacturer agnostic IoT edge gateway connects legacy and modern machines alike and integrates with third-party PLCs, such as Allen Bradley, Siemens, and others.

Of course! We offer free demonstrations of our technology so you can see it live and in action.

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