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Field Service Quoting Software

Manage and Customize Quotes Using Field Service Quoting Software

Quoting a job and receiving a signed contract is essential for business, but it requires time and coordination. Using FieldEquip’s field service software, organizations can simplify the process by autogenerating a quote and making necessary edits or changing pricing at any time.

The quote management software allows staying in complete control while assisting with autogenerated quotes to reduce time while maintaining accuracy. Also, quotes can be sent directly to customers for review and sign-off. Further, quotes can be converted to work orders directly once customer approval is received, increasing job turnaround time. 

Quoting management: Key Features and Benefits

Professionalize Quotes

Create Work Orders Directly

Compare Multiple Quotes

Access the Proof Documents

Our Value Propositions

  • Generate a quote that will always be visible through FieldEquip’s mobile app and web portal
  • Quotes are fully customizable. Compare current quotes with historical ones and plan for the next year using revenue vs. expenditure
  • Make changes in quotes or notify FieldEquip about any sudden price change or if errors arise while making these changes
  • FieldEquip’s software makes quotes readable and open for modification, saving considerable time and effort
  • Create work orders directly from the quotes as soon as you receive approval
Quoting management software

Start Generating Automated Quotes for Field Services


Ask us about Quoting management

Through FieldEquip, it is possible to create work orders automatically from quotes. Once your client approves the quote, our system will create the service order automatically so your teams can plan to work on assigned tasks immediately.

FieldEquip has built-in quoting templates through which you can create professional quotes and explain every service charge in detail, helping customers to easily understand the quotation. An effective quotation helps win new clients and ultimately generate more revenue.

Yes, FieldEquip allows checking the previously shared quotations. A historical view of previous quotations will help your sales team prepare new quotations by analyzing previous price tags, offers, duration of task etc.

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