What is BursysTecX?

BursysTecX founded in Q2, 2016 by Prat Gupta, Ph.D. who also is the CEO and founder of Bursys which specializes in software development, enterprise system integration and engineering services. BursysTecX is built upon Bursys’ experience in excess of 12 years in developing software and hardware technology for industrial machinery and oil & gas industries.

BursysTecX is a Cloud/SaaS software technology company that is into disruptive, service and cost effective incremental innovation techniques. We build innovative, value based technology solutions that function better and faster for the field service industry with a considerably changed service concept beneficial to the industry.

Its main product line is FieldEquip - Field Service Management and IoT/Big Data Analytics Platform. FieldEquip is a field service management, equipment data collection and analytics cloud platform that delivers real-time monitoring, diagnosis and intelligence for field operations including equipment, labor and materials.

Company History
Company Newsroom

BursysTecX Launches FieldEquip Oil & Gas – A Disruptive Digital Field Service & Analytics Cloud Platform Read more
Leadership Team
Prat Gupta

Founder & CEO

As Founder of Bursys in 2005, he has built a premium outsourcing business specializing in Information Technology, Engineering Design and manufacturing. Prat has been very active as a Virtual Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to Bursys’ global clients, where he has provided strategy direction for re-architecting age old software into software for new world with full interconnectivity between the industrial facilities and enterprises.More

Matthew Henning

Business Development Manager

Matthew is the Business Development Manager responsible for leading the business development department at Bursys. More

Shivpal Kaundal

Product Manager

Shiv Pal is Product Manager & IT Project Manager responsible for leading FieldEquip’s product features and functions alignment with the customer needs. Shiv holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and extensive experience in managing software application projects throughout the complete lifecycle. He has extensive experience with software product development and understands the challenges in releasing software as a product. More

Sumeet Aggarwal

Director Product Development

Sumeet is Director of Technology at Bursys. Sumeet is based out of Bursys’ India office. Sumeet is responsible for all software product development projects. Sumeet has 15+ years of extensive global experience in management of large software development projects. Before joining Bursys, he worked at various software companies in Asia-Pacific. More

What we have to Deliver
Industry Solutions

We offer solutions for wide variety of industries such as oil & gas, industrial, health safety and environment (HSE) with an in-depth knowledge and experience of and back office flow information for oil & gas industry which significantly reduces the cost of operations.

We have in-depth knowledge and experience when it comes to servicing equipment’s, tracking personnel and inventory for industrial machines. The solutions cater to predictive behavior rather than being reactive.

We have in-depth knowledge and experience on avoiding safety incidents and managing site inspection lifecycles.

Field Equip offers disruptive technology to connect field services, data collection using IoT, monitor assets in the field, automated feed from analysis results, automated workflows, integrate with enterprise systems, RFID, GPS asset tracking and process high volume data for analysis using big data technology. Field Equip mobilizes field workers using mobile platforms, cloud technology for servicing, monitoring and prescribing.
Cloud Based Unified Platform
Support/Services – Post Sales Services

Bursystecx offer field equip product support to our clients based on their needs. To accommodate your unique business needs and ensure success, we offer multi-phased support during the project lifecycle.

FieldEquip provides business consulting services (from advisory and process consulting through to implementation to support and hosting), industry expertise, unparalleled geographic reach, accelerators and methodologies to ensure leading companies get superior value from their oilfield investments.
  • Business consulting
  • Project Planning & Implementation
  • Business Strategy
  • Operations
  • Information Technology
  • Finance and Risk
  • Big Oilfield Data