The Rich History of FieldEquip

FieldEquip is the product of software solutions architect and product development company Bursys. Bursys employs a 125 person global resource team. From Bursys, FieldEquip was formed with the accumulated knowledge and expertise of more than a decade’s worth of experience working with major oil and gas companies.

While newer to the PEP industry, FieldEquips’s technology helps to streamline delivery operations and tackle the challenges of a system with endless moving parts. Our team has used its expertise from the Oil & Gas market to create technology that allows for a hassle-free and painless operational cycle in the PEP system. Our technology includes predictive maintenance, spare parts inventory evaluation, employee management, and production monitoring.

History of Bursys

Dynamic Software Solutions

FieldEquip leverages Bursys’ wealth of experience and deep domain expertise to develop a suite of solutions designed to serve people working in the Oil and Gas and PEP industries.

FieldEquip’s skills and competencies revolve around system integration and technology consulting. Through our hands-on experience in the petrochemical industry and our latest experience in the PEP industry, we’ve created comprehensive software for resource management solutions.

Our robust system empowers people to optimize their workflows through real-time data monitoring and analytics tools that enhance operations, increase safety, and save time and money.

FieldEquip Oil & Well Services Application

Technological Superiority

The developers behind FieldEquip’s resource management software utilized multiple technologies to create an innovative solution for today’s Oil and Gas and PEP industries. Our software developers possess leading-edge capabilities in the fields of data analytics, data engineering, machine learning, and mobility.

Over the course of the development cycle, FieldEquip combined workflow automation, equipment data collection, and analytics to provide a cutting-edge service solution that gives companies complete control over workflow processes, supply chains, production, employee and asset monitoring, and equipment evaluation.

Our solution automates and digitizes.

  • Paperwork
  • Work orders
  • Quotes
  • Inspections

It allows for employees and operators to

  • Access data in real-time
  • Easily schedule and track deliveries
  • Stay ahead of failures
  • Monitor site conditions for safety and efficiency

FieldEquip App Showing Graphs


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