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Industry - Oil and Gas Logistics and Transportation

Enabled a Leading Oil and Gas Logistics and Transportation Company in Michigan to Pickup and Off-load Petroleum Efficiently








Our client provides logistics and transportation services to the oil & gas industry. Being one of the largest fuel distribution companies in Michigan, the client wanted a software application to streamline work order and load management processes. The objective was to pick up and off-load petroleum as efficiently as possible. The client wanted to record everything from capturing images to reporting each step of established workflows. The team also wanted to leverage completed work orders to provide error-free invoicing to enhance service-to-cash cycles automatically.


  • The client used a costly software application, failing to deliver the necessary operational value.
  • The application had poor navigation, due to which the client had to perform repeated steps to complete tasks, thus wasting a lot of time.
  • The application’s design was not up to the mark, as it was causing management and administrative support personnel to do more work than necessary.
  • Lack of support from software provider in making necessary changes to improve ease of use and functionality.
Challenges Oil Logistics Company
Mobile Field Service App


  • Our team of experts worked closely with the client to understand and capture their specific needs and address challenges.
  • We suggested them FieldEquip, a highly configurable SaaS software-based application with advanced features such as work order and load management, distribution-specific scheduling and dispatching, field ticketing for load pickup and delivery, contract management, item price catalogue, management dashboard and reports, mobile application on tablets, and invoice creation and billing.
  • We built an easy-to-navigate application and made day-to-day data easily accessible.
  • Developed a comprehensive workflow capturing each required step to complete a load management process in real-time accurately.
  • Provided the capability of capturing high-resolution images of pickup and drop-off sites for required customers’ review.
  • Delivered required automation consisting of necessary calculations for load management, commodity cost, and invoicing.
  • Developed the software application with a web portal and mobile functionality (online and offline).
Oil Logistics Software


  • Business-specific functionality on a single application and platform.
  • A cost-effective solution on a completely proprietary platform that does not rely on third-party licenses.
  • Improved operating processes through automation and simplified application navigation and reporting.
  • Advanced easy-to-use functionality and real-time visibility resulting in enhanced customer experience.
  • The client’s business now runs on an application that allows expandability and scalability for future growth. 


Improvement in operating processes through automation


Easy-to-navigate application and made day-to-day data easily accessible


A cost-effective solution on a completely proprietary platform

Challenges and Opportunity

Our client has been leveraging technology to some extent and even updated their offerings but continues to struggle with work order and load management processes. It is mainly because of the growing complexity of the processes involved. As a result, the client continues to suffer from issues arising due to lack of automation and, unfortunately, experiencing inefficient pickup and off-load management, resulting in a waste of time and money. 

When it comes to successfully managing oil and gas transportation, efficient operation is at the heart of the job. However, our client was always busy with never-ending, time-consuming tasks that were inefficient and rarely improved their business bottom line. The client was leveraging an application to perform these necessary tasks, but it added to the client’s burden and cost. 

Logistics and transportation companies transport many things, from small objects to large and hazardous things, daily. Companies operating in the oil and gas industry often have vehicles spread out across a wide geographical area, cross borders, etc. This makes it even more difficult for these companies to track all operations, locate drivers, communicate with them remotely and streamline the oil and gas pickup and off-load processes and management. 

Nowadays, these companies seek real-time visibility for field operations, including placing an order, scheduling it, or loading it from terminals to warehouses for better efficiency.

The client lacked these critical capabilities and thus, wanted to improve navigation, drive operational efficiency, and automate some key processes to save time and money and make necessary data easily accessible to everyone on the team. 


After reviewing the client’s workflow and understanding their challenges in navigating the pickup and off-load of oil and gas across diverse places through their existing application, we suggested a tailored software application. 

Our solution – FieldEquip, a highly configurable SaaS software-based app, made a rich layer of information accessible to the client and assisted the company in timely oil loading and unloading, reducing operational costs, enhancing the overall customer service experience, and more.

Our solution also facilitated order-based loading. The client was able to eliminate unnecessary manual processing and errors, optimize oil truck routes, track the real-time progress of drivers, manage invoices and billing, and check inspection schedules. It also helped the company unify suppliers and operators, stay proactive, and seamlessly fulfil their customers’ commercial requirements. 

Our FieldEquip-based solution helped the client gain significant efficiencies in work order and load management processes. 

We have been helping businesses across diverse industries stay competitive by powering their field workflows and streamlining their operations with the next-gen capabilities of FieldEquip. 

Explore how our field service management software platform, FieldEquip helps companies drive business value and deliver excellence.
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Client Testimonial

“FieldEquip is an indispensable tool, we rely on it for every aspect – Field ticketing, invoicing, financial aspect, showing revenue to management and making business decisions. The system helps us collect data and analyze it and be able to report it back to the customer in a timely fashion. The FieldEquip team works 24 x 7 just like us and the support they provide is unique for this industry.”

Cornelius Price
Sr. Professional, Operations – BAZCO Oil Company

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