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Best Commercial HVAC Field Service Software

Unlock the Full Potential of Your HVAC Business with FieldEquip Comprehensive and Innovative commercial HVAC Field Service Software

FieldEquip, an innovative and digitized commercial hvac field service software, is committed to help HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) businesses and Commercial HVAC Contractors in leading the path towards sustainability while effectively managing their field operations. We have a deep understanding of the specific challenges and requirements faced by industries operating in sectors such as Smart HVAC Systems, DeVAP HVAC, Solar HVAC Systems, Geothermal HVAC Systems, Sustainable Cooling Solutions, HVAC Maintenance and Repair Services, and more. Helping them in improving operations, saving costs, and increasing efficiency.

FieldEquip empowers commercial HVAC businesses and contractors to streamline customer service requests whether it involves installing new HVAC units or conducting repairs and maintenance. Our commercial hvac field service software enables efficient tracking of equipment, automates maintenance reminders , manages and tracks service requests, and facilitates seamless communication between field and back-office teams. With FieldEquip, you can manage the entire planned maintenance process in one place, handling customers,sites,assets and standard maintenance schedules with ease.

With FieldEquip’s intuitive software for commercial hvac contractors, HVAC businesses and contractors can automate their processes and experience accelerated growth.  Our commercial HVAC field service software offers unmatched capabilities in work order/job scheduling, asset reporting, HVAC maintenance inspection checklists, providing mobile field service management to field personnels, and workflow customization. Furthermore, seamless integration with existing systems ensures a smooth transition without disruptions to day-to-day operations. FieldEquip empowers HVAC businesses to continuously monitor and enhance their performance, driving growth and profitability.

Key Features of Commercial HVAC Service Software

Digital Field Service Ticket Software

Digital Field Ticketing

Eliminate paper-based field ticketing processes or speed up form-based legacy applications by automating through integrated digitalization. Digital Field Ticketing accelerates job reporting and eliminates invoicing errors shortening the service-to-cash cycle. Also, digital field tickets help commercial HVAC businesses and contractors capture essential data, thus attaining complete insight into operations and focusing on growing business.

Scheduling and Dispatch FSM Product

Scheduling & Dispatch

Using a web-based user interface and GPS integration, FieldEquip’s scheduling and dispatching software allow commercial HVAC contractors to quickly schedule and dispatch work assignments. In addition, the advanced search capabilities allow them and management to assign work orders to technicians with the appropriate skills or based on other required criteria such as proximity and availability.

Field Assets Geo Tracking

Geo-Tracking & Geo-fencing

FieldEquip’s HVAC field management software is armed with advanced geo-tracking technology that facilitates field service managers to optimize the service route and locate the field technicians for utmost efficiency, warehouses, and customers in real-time. Set individual service areas through geo-fencing to improve responsiveness to customers.

Field Service Reports & Analytics Software

Reports, Analytics & Dashboards

FieldEquip’s HVAC reporting and analytics suite helps businesses harness the power of the data with automated data dashboards and engaging reports to make better business decisions. Create real-time data analytics and customized reports to track, measure, and analyze field operations processes. Furthermore, field service teams can improve operational efficiency, service delivery KPIs, and CSAT scores by using the HVAC and refrigeration service management software.

Customer Self-Service-Product-page

Customer Portal

Gain insight into complete information using FieldEquip’s customized customer portal. The user-friendly, digital commercial HVAC field service management software helps improve customer satisfaction by using top-notch features, such as real-time tracking of their service request progress. Furthermore, the customer management software notifies technicians to work on prioritized service requests provided by customers using the portal.

Field Service Invoicing Software

HVAC Invoicing & Payments

Get rid of paperwork completely using the invoicing software for the HVAC field service businesses. FieldEquip’s HVAC service invoicing software automates the entire process of invoicing and payment by digitalizing data capturing relating to travel, labor hours, parts consumption, and all work order-related expenditures to invoice customers and prevent payment delays.

Parts Inventory Management

Field Inventory Management

Ensure that field technicians carry the required spare parts and the appropriate quantities to maximize their first-time fix rate and minimize equipment downtime. FieldEquip provides complete visibility of all field parts stocking locations, including central warehouses. In addition, the inventory management feature gives them visibility of other nearby technicians’ inventory as an alternative option to better serve customers.

Mobile Field Service Management

Mobile Field Service Management

Manage field operations directly using FieldEquip’s commercial HVAC field service management software mobile app on the device of choice. The commercial hvac service software empowers HVAC field technicians to gain insight into the assigned work orders and field tickets, record work activity, capture customers’ digital signatures for approval, and many other functions by using the mobile app.


Ask us about FieldEquip’s commercial HVAC and refrigeration services
It is a cloud-based software platform that helps organizations manage field service activity such as installations, repairs, maintenance, and other service deliverables in the Commercial HVAC and Refrigeration industry. FieldEquip enables your field service technicians to accomplish jobs on time and improve customer experiences.

Our field service contract feature allows easy access to service agreements and associated entitlements. It is able to monitor entitlements relating to maintenance frequencies along with negotiated pricing and established SLA’s.

FieldEquip allows you to monitor locations of your field workforce, customers, and parts warehouses/stocking depots across your respective areas of business. It provides visibility of field personnel’s movement while on duty as an option. Our advanced search capability can easily filter work orders or technicians with all relevant real-time information.

FieldEquip allows you to capture all essential field activity data relative to customer assets and field workforce performance. It provides management a complete view of field activity in real time, including pointing out areas of improvements. Having access to such information allows management to effectively react to situations and proactively improve operating processes that result in financial gains.

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