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Oil and Gas Inspection Management Software

Compliance Through Mobile Field Operations Software

The FieldEquip oil and gas inspection software intuitively connects oilfield service equipment and oil and gas resources and assets to our IoT platform for active monitoring, allowing our system to proactively diagnose potential issues before a breakdown occurs. Our intelligent easy-to-use interfaces are used by inspectors for corrosion control inspections, oilfield equipment inspection, facilities inspections, Oil rig Mast inspections, custom inspection checklists and well site inspections.

Execute Oil Field Inspections Management Without Leaving Your Office

Monitor field service oilfield technicians at any time throughout the day directly from your office to manage what jobs they are working on, track labor hours per job, and monitor materials through our easy-to use data-rich dashboards built for tracking progress.

Real-Time Data Analysis and, Oil and Gas Inspection Management

Oil Rig Mast inspection Software

Oil Rig Mast inspection

Define and assign the inspection points directly on the MAST drawing so that the inspectors can easily identify their tasks via the WO. Once oilfield equipment inspection is complete the inspection data is sent to the mobile app, reports are generated automatically and any critical alerts are sent immediately to the customers and engineers to review.

Offshore Platform Level 1/2 Inspections

FieldEquip will take data collected from the field and automatically create BSEE compliant reports for the Level 1 and 2 inspections on the offshore platforms. The data is captured in real time and is automatically transferred to the FieldEquip cloud. It includes pictures, cathodic protection readings and visual notes.

Level 1 and 2 Inspection Software Services
Oilfield Inspection Smart Forms

Smart Forms

FieldEquip takes the Inspector through interactive step-by-step smart forms in a user friendly interface. From the form, the inspector is able to capture the data and pictures necessary to complete a fully-functioning inspection.

Historical Data

The customer receiving FieldEquip’s oilfield equipment inspection report owns the historical data. FieldEquip provides trends and analytics of the historical data and flags any issues or areas of concern for the customer to address post-inspection.

Historical Data Analysis

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