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Project based Management Service

Project-based Field Service Management Software

Service providers managing longer-term projects often encounter challenges in coordinating resources having specific skills, sharing information through effective communication, and ensuring a high level of data gathering and accuracy. Unfortunately, paper-based and legacy field ticketing systems are inefficient in providing detailed reports with the complete information necessary for invoicing accuracy

FieldEquip’s Project-based Services feature gathers all project-associated field tickets seamlessly. It digitally streamlines the entire data-gathering process using the mobile app for specific service projects and effortlessly produces detailed reports capturing all chargeable items and field-related costs. As a result, FieldEquip helps field operators reduce their service-to-cash cycles while simultaneously improving top and bottom lines.

Project-based Service: Key Features and Benefits

Track Projects Easily

Receive Approvals On-the-Go

Follow a Streamlined Approach

Increase ROI and Revenue

Our Value Propositions

  • Create, manage, and remove work orders using the website portal and easy-to-use work order management system in mobile application
  • Customize work order workflow per business requirement
  • Create, assign, edit, re-assign jobs, and update services to field personnel, notifying workers instantly
  • Easily monitor the health of equipment and supply levels for each work order
  • View real-time analytics to avoid risk and get updates on emergencies to reorganize resources without disarray
  • Receive job progress and completion updates on the phone


Ask us about our Project-based Services Software

FieldEquip’s project-based services management software is developed to fulfill the field service needs of the commercial and B2B industry. Having 35+ years in the field service industry, we know the futuristic needs of B2B companies in the field service industry. So, our field service solution and work order module leverage advanced functionality.

FieldEquip’s project-based software empowers you to manage multi-resource-multi-day Project-based Services in every industry. Check the complete list of industries in which our software is already being used.

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