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Flexible Training Options & World-Class Support

FieldEquip Empowers Businesses with Flexible Training Options & World-Class Support

We Enable Businesses Seeking Expert Help to Optimize Performance in Every Aspect of their Organization

FieldEquip offers business consulting services (from advisory and process consulting to implementation, support and hosting), industry expertise, unparalleled geographic reach, accelerators, and methodologies to ensure leading companies get superior value from their oilfield investments.

Consulting Expertise for Optimal Organization Performance

FieldEquip is a user-friendly, intuitive, and easy-to-use field service software. Field service organizations leveraging it only need some basic introductory training and support. Teams using smartphones for “apps” already know how to use FieldEquip and will be able to work with it “right out of the box.”

FieldEquip recognizes that many small and medium-sized field services companies haven’t yet embraced digital technology solutions for their field services teams. FieldEquip assists such companies with training and support.

Whether implementing FieldEquip applications in-house, building mobile apps, or accessing FieldEquip software from the cloud, the software offers the training and software support required to optimize investment and help maximize the power of FieldEquip solutions as part of every implementation.

Building an appropriate training strategy before using any new software solution is critical for every successful implementation. Even software that is relatively easy to learn requires employee training for successful onboarding. Users must know how the platform works and how it will help them do their jobs.

Most importantly, our continuous support and training workflow helps us work as partners with our customers.
Let FieldEquip help you with:

Business Strategy

Drive profitable growth by understanding market drivers, creating new business models, and increasing competitiveness. Leverage core competencies to formulate innovative strategies, create new business models, and ensure successful sustainable growth and profitability transformations.


Improve operating model and interconnect end-to-end supply chain functions to optimize process efficiencies. Also, maximize the efficiency of critical operations and implement the best possible operating model and supply chain strategy, including network and asset optimization. Gain key insights required to become a more agile organization that can anticipate and respond to changes, align operations with demand, and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Finance & Risk

Improve forecasting and reporting, develop predictive capabilities, and reduce enterprise risk for an optimized organization. Also, enhance core finance functions, including transaction processing, control/risk, and decision support/performance management activities. As a result, it reduces overall enterprise risk, improves resiliency for risk events, and meets government reporting requirements.

Information Technology

Leverage technology to drive business innovation and create sustainable growth while optimizing the IT organization. Develop strategies to unleash business value from new, innovative technologies like the cloud, and increase IT efficiency and effectiveness to drive growth across the organization.

Big Oilfield Data

Build an information management platform that enables you to address the most significant challenges and leverage opportunities by integrating, aligning, simplifying, and analyzing your information so you can turn your data into actionable insights.

FieldEquip caters to these demands by offering flexible, scalable, customized training options to meet users “where they are” in the implementation journey.

  • On-site training via traditional instructor-led classes
  • Users can access remote webinars anywhere, anytime

FieldEquip’s service portfolio offers remote, 24×7 software technical support, including individual problem fixes and product usage advice.

  • One-on-one live telephone support weekdays from 9:00 AM-5:00 PM CST
  • Online web support 24x7x365

FieldEquip’s robust product and software support can help your organization quickly resolve software-related problems to keep operations functioning efficiently.

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