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Prat Gupta

Prat Gupta

Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO of Bursys group since 2005, Prat is a visionary software architect and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in enterprise-level software product architecture. He lives and breathes new technology trends such as machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT). Prat has deep expertise in connecting field equipment to enterprise and servicing of that equipment. As Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for FieldEquip product, he has laid out a very strong technology foundation for the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform and continues to drive forward the company’s strategy related to product innovation, artificial intelligence, and outcome-based service models.

Prior to founding Bursys group in 2005, Prat has been a software architect for many enterprise software products at startup to large enterprises such as eCommLink, Anadarko, PG&E, Bell and Howell, Scholastic, Compaq Computer, and so on. Being a founding team member of Job Vision, AutoSys visualization tool (later acquired by Computer Associates), and other successful ventures, he is an avid entrepreneur and businessman.

Prat’s appreciation for superior engineering extends to his garage, he is a high- performance car enthusiast.

John Tarascio

John Tarascio

Product Strategist and Consulting Partner

John offers 25 years of valuable experience in business operations management. He is a former senior corporate executive of a capital equipment manufacturer with a large top-tier service division. Under his leadership, the service division grew significantly to a highly profitable award-winning organization. He has championed large-scale enterprise system implementations automating a considerable amount of operational and administrative processes. John has a passion for process development, operational effectiveness, and quality deliverables. His business operations expertise and technical knowledge allow him to gain greater insight into customers’ needs and provide the most suitable business solutions.

Sumeet Aggarwal

Sumeet Aggarwal

Director Product Development

Sumeet is the Director of Technology at Bursys. He is based out of Bursys’ India office and is responsible for leading all software product development projects. Sumeet has more than 15 years of extensive global experience in the management of large software development projects.

Sumeet holds an MS (Computer Science) from Auckland University, New Zealand and has an MBA from Punjab Agricultural University, India. Prior to joining Bursys, he worked at various software companies in the Asia-Pacific region. Sumeet has a track record of successfully building best-in-class software development teams for globally distributed products. He oversees technology projects involving various aspects of innovation, strategy, technology, and execution.

He is a member of several industry associations and technical committees of professional institutes in India.

In his spare time, Sumeet enjoys reading books, gardening and golfing.

Shivpal Kaundal

Shivpal Kaundal

Product Manager

Shiv is the Product Manager & IT Project Manager responsible for leading the implementation efforts of FieldEquip’s product features and functions in alignment with customer needs and requirements.

Shiv holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology and has extensive experience in leading and managing software application projects throughout the complete lifecycle. He has extensive experience with software product development and understands the challenges associated with releasing software as a product. For over 12 years, Shiv has worked closely with customers across North America and Europe and is proficient in business analysis, defining software requirements, and leading development and implementation teams. He has worked with offshore development teams in North America, Europe and India leveraging his skills as a scrum project leader and agile project manager.

In his spare time, Shiv loves to spend time with his family and traveling to new destinations.

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