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Power Transmission Field Service Management

Field Service Management Software for Power Utility and Renewable Energy Services

The power and utility industry has undergone a massive transformation in recent times. Due to increasing demand and usage, field service companies working in the power transmission and distribution sector feel challenged to address the growing complexity of managing field projects and personnel while focusing on business growth. FieldEquip has an all-encompassing ability to help companies with field service operations achieve outcome-centric excellence while maintaining quality standards. The field service management solution is equipped with features, such as Scheduling & Dispatch for assigning the appropriately skilled field personnel, scheduling field crews based on work-order requirements, and allowing them to follow established workflows. The mobile solution includes easy-creation of Field Tickets and allows easy-tracking of field personnel’s work hours and physical location in real-time. In addition, FieldEquip provides a running cost of active work orders to monitor job profitability.

Key Features

Project Management Software

Project-based Services

FieldEquip’s Project-based Services feature allows field service operations to digitally group field tickets data associated with multiple work orders for complex jobs, significantly simplifying reporting and invoicing. In addition, FieldEquip automatically aggregates field tickets from multiple field resources during extended periods, reducing administrative work and, more importantly, service-to-cash cycles or DSO.

Digital Field Service Ticket Software

Field E-Ticketing

Eliminate paper-based field ticketing processes or speed up form-based legacy applications by automating through integrated digitalization. Digital Field Ticketing accelerates job reporting and eliminates invoicing errors shortening service-to-cash cycles. The mobile app processes e-tickets data offline and online. When offline, the data is stored in the mobile device and automatically transmits information when it detects network coverage.

Scheduling and Dispatch FSM Product

Scheduling & Dispatch​

With a web-based user interface and GPS integration, FieldEquip allows operators to schedule and dispatch work assignments quickly. In addition, the advanced search capabilities allow them and management to assign work orders to technicians with the appropriate skills and other required criteria such as proximity and availability.

Inspection Management

Inspection and Task Checklist

Reduce the scope of inspection errors and follow predefined procedural standards while offering consistent field inspection services to your customers. Design customized checklists using an easy drag-and-drop builder to elevate the quality of field inspections.

Resource Location Tracking Software

Geo-tracking & Geo-fencing

Get a geographical view of all field personnels’ locations, warehouses, and customers in real-time. Set individual service areas using geo-fencing to improve responsiveness to customers.

track equipment history and details

Work History

Give field personnel access to job history, inspection checklists, site diagrams, and required information to perform their work efficiently and safely.


Ask us about FieldEquip’s Power & Utility Field Service Software

FSM software such as FieldEquip helps power and utility services companies manage field operations by automating workflows designed explicitly for field-related work, from single-day jobs to lengthy multi-crew projects. Field operations require creating job quotes, jobs and resources scheduling, informing crews of assigned jobs, timekeeping, invoicing, and management reporting. FieldEquip provides all these functions and much more.

FieldEquip offers Scheduling & Dispatching  and Geo Tracking & Geofencing features to quickly check the availability of qualified field personnel closest to the emergency.  FieldEquip’s mobile application allows field and back-office personnel to efficiently coordinate activity using various methods of communication while reporting relevant transactions.

FieldEquip’s contracts feature manages established customer entitlements to be automatically realized for services provided to the customer.  Customer entitlements could include negotiated discounts, a predetermined number of visits or inspections, bundled hours of labor, set hours of business, and other offered deliverables.

FieldEquip offers an Inspection and Task Checklists feature in conjunction with work order management. This feature allows customers to create mandatory or optional safety checklists to follow proper safety-related procedures. Such checklists prevent field personnel from skipping critical procedural steps, which could cause harm to them or others.

First and foremost, FieldEquip makes it very easy for field personnel to enter and record their work hours with just a push of a button. The mobile app can either have the hours recorded by manually pushing a button, meaning on-the-job and off-the-job or activate and deactivate job hours by their physical location. The mobile app gives field supervisors real-time visibility of crew members’ location, work hours, and expenses recorded in field tickets. Alerts and notifications can be set up notifying supervisors of exceptional errors.

FieldEquip’s inventory management module empowers field organizations to accurately track movement and record transactions of spare parts within the organization and those sold to customers. It also allows the management of internal tools and assets used to perform services. Field inventory accuracy can be closely managed by enabling field technicians to perform random or scheduled cycle counts to ensure accurate balances between physical items and system item balances.

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