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Quote to Cash

Boost Productivity Through the Automation of Manual Processes

No more lost revenue due to lost tickets from field. FieldEquip automates the work order or job service order process from quote to invoicing using configurable workflow templates. Order to cash workflow defines processes that occur between the customer placing the order to the payments made. It helps you Improve your cash flow, decrease your workload, and increase productivity.

Reach Optimal Efficiency With Cost-effective Tools

With FieldEquip’s quote-to-cash abilities, your work orders move from the back office to the field and back again in record time. Improve cash flow through low DSO (days sales outstanding) and get moving on projects faster than ever before.

Quote-to-Cash Optimization

Automated Quotes for Oilfield Services

Access Ready-to-Go Templates

Open, calculate, quote. Ready-to-Go templates for basic quotes are built so that your sales team can input information and get a quote immediately. Prices can be automatically calculated by adding line items such as operation rates and estimated usage directly on the smart form, meaning custom quotes can be created and used whenever your team needs them. Order to Cash software offers instant and long-term revenue potential throughout Order to Cash workflows.

Build Complex Proposals

By building complex proposals that include products, services, personnel, and packages, operations can maintain years of history and re-use these valuable assets in future quotations.

Proposal Management in Oil and Gas Industry
Smart Contract Management Software

Experience Smart Contract Management

Smart contracts remove the risk of human error by automatically calculating the correct rates/discounts per site and region on the invoices. FieldEquip’s dashboard visually displays successful quotes and can break it down by customer, even calculating expected revenue by customer. Avoid revenue leakage through smart contract suggestions during WO creation.

Save Time and Money

Never again lose time, money, or prospective clients to hours spent manually building complex proposals. Fully automate your work order processing, with our order-to-cash automation software. Boost productivity with FieldEquip’s flexible and efficient workflow platform and never look back.

Save Time and Money for Automated Quotes

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