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Improve Invoicing & Billing Process

Improve Payment Process with Field Service Invoicing Software

A high-performing company must have an effective field service invoicing software to achieve a high level of synchronicity. FieldEquip’s field service invoice software makes invoicing easy by eliminating unnecessary workflows and providing a 360-degree view of financial and field service data through a shared platform. 

The digital service invoice software solution allows field technicians to manage and keep track of all project costs. Moreover, field service invoicing software enables them to produce an invoice by digitally capturing the customer’s signature on services performed and sharing the invoice at the click of a button.

FieldEquip automatically generates invoices based on the predefined workflow of the approval process. As a result, customers receive – and pay – work order invoices faster.

Field Service Invoicing & Billing: Key Features & Benefits

Approve Invoices Quickly

Automate Billing Process

Reduce DSO: Days Sales Outstanding

Get Instant Approvals from Clients

Our Value Propositions

  • Create field service invoices based on your price book and store them on a shared platform
  • Keep track of project expenses and associated costs to stay on budget
  • Generate the invoices according to each customers’ contract and timeline
  • Quickly and easily issue work order invoices based on work completion
  • Build stronger client relationships with more straightforward and faster-invoicing processes


Answers to your questions about field invoicing software

Field service invoicing software can automate many billing activities by leveraging information gathered in the field via a mobile app.

Implementing a digital field invoicing and billing solution can improve cash flow and keep your business running more effectively. Because customers can be invoiced immediately, payments will come in a more timely manner.

The FieldEquip platform offers an open API that can integrate seamlessly with any backend or cloud application. We also support two-way integration with major enterprise systems (EAM, ERP, CRM, Accounting) such as SAP, Infor, Sage, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics.

Yes! Field operators can generate an invoice and capture the customer’s signature digitally with a click of a button in the mobile app.

We are ready, willing, and able to offer the training and support you need to optimize your investment and maximize the power of FieldEquip.

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