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Asset Service Management Software

Optimize your Asset Performance and Deliver Excellent Field Service

Field service companies need to be updated about the status of their field workforce, assets, and equipment in real-time to stay ahead of the competition. FieldEquip asset service management software helps companies to connect their field work force to backoffice and to the customers. FieldEquip field service asset management provides complete visibility into service operations, allowing businesses to maximize asset uptime, reduce costs, and adopt new service business models. Digitize all your service contracts and entitlements and invoice accurately without losing any revenue.

Features of Asset Service Management

Work Order Management

Capture and manage field service work orders on one platform. FieldEquip platform provides diverse ways to capture the work to be performed. Work orders can be inserted into the FieldEquip platform automatically from external systems using our rich API interface or manually entered in the system with a few clicks.

  • Build winning workflows with FieldEquip’s fieldwork order management software
  • Create work orders for different work types manually or digitally
  • Use project management to handle multiple work orders for a project
Work Order Management Software
Asset Equipment tracking Software

Asset & Equipment Tracking

FieldEquip provides comprehensive customer asset management along with rental or service equipment management in the field.  FieldEquip field service asset management can provide complete information about assets under a service contract at a click from a mobile or the web. Start experiencing 360-degree visibility into customer assets and your equipment through leading asset management software. 

  • Access parts inventory information in real-time from anywhere
  • Easily create purchase orders based on inventory levels
  • Reduce unnecessary delays by creating stock transfer requests right from the mobile app

Service History

FieldEquip’s unified web and mobile interface allow companies to immediately access the service logs of equipment, tools, asset, and machines, including their maintenance. The dashboard mobile app gives technicians easy access to equipment diagnostic data, work history, schematics, checklists, and documents, in real time. It helps them stay informed about their assets, easily make the most of the asset lifecycle investments, and make smarter decisions.

  • Get full visibility into every asset performance, lifecycle, and service history
  • An informed team can streamline asset lifecycle processes and minimize repetitive tasks
  • Get every contract detail instantly for optimal asset performance
Service History Field service
Parts Inventory Management Software

Parts Inventory Management

FieldEquip’s mobile inventory tracking system saves time by helping find the correct location of every spare part. In addition, to maintain optimum efficiency, FieldEquip’s mobile inventory management solutions also send automatic notifications when inventory reaches a specific threshold level. 

  • Easily enhance technician productivity and drive customer satisfaction
  • Get real-time visibility into spare parts location
  • Digitally collect customers’ signatures in the field

Reporting and Dashboards

Convert your data into actionable insights using analytics & field reporting software. FieldEquip empowers businesses to transform collected information into actionable data by using data analysis tools. It equips teams with customized reports generated by a built-in dashboard using data collected from field operations. FieldEquip also facilitates checking the past month’s records, including the current work order, knowing who is working at which site, and how much time each worker is spending on which project.

  • Put data to work and make the right decision every time 
  • Get data-driven insights through Gantt charts and graphs
  • Get a better understanding of the past patterns driven by historical data
Field Service Reports & Analytics
Field Service Scheduling and Dispatching

Scheduling and Dispatch

FieldEquip’s scheduling and dispatching feature gives field service organizations real-time access to the information necessary to effectively support their everchanging customers’ needs. Start improving field service resource planning and utilization and gain the efficiencies you expect.

  • Easily assign work orders to appropriate field personnel
  • Improve responsiveness to customers’ needs
  • Get real-time visibility into field personnel’s locations

Service Contracts

Gain maximum value from your contracts. FieldEquip automatically applies customers’ entitlements to work orders and projects, eliminating administrative efforts, discrepancies, and errors. It puts business contracts on autopilot. 

  • Automatically adjust pricing from multiple price books
  • Eliminate pricing discrepancies and invoicing errors
  • Improve service-to-cash cycles
Service Contract Asset service software
Customer Self-Service Portal Software

Customer Portal

FieldEquip’s self-service customer portal is designed to meet the evolving need for accessing information instantaneously and from a single source. This customer interaction method increases the value for customers by enhancing communication and meeting customers’ requirements by being informed of their needs in real-time.

Preventive Maintenance

FieldEquip’s preventive and predictive maintenance capabilities help companies prevent equipment-related production disruptions with automated work order generation and predictive maintenance analysis from IoT-gathered machine data. Equipment downtime is expensive, and it can impact business relations. Maximize equipment uptime with FieldEquip.

  • Improve equipment reliability with IoT-powered predictive maintenance
  • Receive failures-notifications instantly
  • Monitor equipment performance in real-time using IoT technology
Preventive and Predictive Maintenance software

Integrate with any ERP / Accounting / CRM

FieldEquip Integrations

FieldEquip is supported by standard RESTful API’s and can integrate with any system to provide a seamless integrated experience for our customers. Integrate FieldEquip easily with any CRM, ERP or accounting system that you currently use.  Many integrations are provided out-of-the-box and require minimal effort to provide a seamless experience across the systems preventing double data entry. Following are some of the common integrations:

Contact us to learn how we can integrate with your system that may not be in the list above. We provide seamless integration with any system using API or file exchange.  FieldEquip supports all the acceptable security protocols for integration such as OAuth2.

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