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Field Service Scheduling and Dispatch Software

Maximize Field Operations Output Using Field Force Scheduling Software

Customers expect service providers to be proactive in providing required routine maintenance  to prevent future disruptions and be responsive in reacting to emergencies that potentially impact their business. Customers also expect qualified personnel to perform quality work that add value to their operations. For any business, time is money, and time wasted is costly.  

Having complete visibility of available resources along with their skills and qualifications are key requirement for service providers to effectively support their customers.  FieldEquip’s Scheduling and Dispatching feature offers field service organizations real-time access to the information necessary to effectively support their everchanging customers’ needs. 

Whether your workforce is remote or centralized, FieldEquip’s field force scheduling software offers the ease and effectiveness needed to elevate customers’ experiences.

The Right Resources at the Right Place at the Right Time

Significantly improve field service resource planning and utilization and gain the efficiencies you expect. 

Scheduling and Dispatch Software: Features & Benefits

Effective Field Workforce Planning with Field Technician Scheduling Software

Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Interface

Manage Unplanned Events

Better Field Resource Utilization

Save Time and Money

Our Value Propositions

  • FieldEquip simplifies planning, scheduling, and dispatching of field resources
Scheduling-and-Dispatch FSM Software
  • Captures every customer requirement from created work orders
Work Order Management software
  • View a wide spectrum of scheduled work orders on an easy-to-use calendar
scheduled work orders on an easy-to-use calendar
Prevent scheduling conflicts
Customizable screens, work types and workflows
  • Send auto-ETA-notifications to customers
Send auto-ETA-notifications
  • All the necessary activity-related information in one source
Field Service Reporting Dashboard Software
  • Optimize your resource planning with our job-based scheduling and dispatch feature, ensuring efficient management and allocation of your workforce and equipment in advance.
Scheduling-and-Dispatch FSM Software
Scheduling-and-Dispatch FSM Software
Work Order Management software
scheduled work orders on an easy-to-use calendar
Prevent scheduling conflicts
Customizable screens, work types and workflows
Send auto-ETA-notifications
Field Service Reporting Dashboard Software

Simply please your customers every time with FieldEquip’s 

Field Service Scheduling Software


Ask us about our Field Service Scheduling and Dispatch Software

Through FieldEquip, your managers or administrators can schedule the appropriate resources (based on availability, geo-location, skill set etc.) to manage customers’ emergencies. Our system automatically notifies field personnel of emergencies’ related situations and relays any necessary information entered at the time of work order creation.

Yes, FieldEquip’s scheduling feature prevents field personnel from being double-booked, assigned during outside work hours, or during unavailable times such as when vacationing.

FieldEquip workforce scheduling software allows you to accurately identify under-utilized resources and repeat work orders which negatively impact your operation and your bottom line. Optimizing resource utilization and preventing unnecessary repeating work orders improves the operating efficiencies required for higher ROIs.

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FieldEquip's Field Service Scheduling Software

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