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FieldEquip’s equipment and personnel scheduling function facilitates scheduling the resources on the job from one place. It also allows businesses to schedule and dispatch field technicians with the right skillset to the site at specific times, ensuring they manage the workforce efficiently. In addition, the mobile application will notify each field personnel of their job information and timeslot.

The operator and the field technician can  see assigned work orders easily using the FieldEquip application. In addition, the field crew scheduling and dispatch software allow easy working around setbacks that would otherwise cause delays or communication errors.

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Through FieldEquip, your managers can schedule the right resources (based on availability, geo-location, skill set etc.) to manage the emergency situation. Our system automatically notifies the technicians about the schedule and requirement to meet emergency situations.

Yes, our field service scheduling software has integration capabilities with Quickbooks, Open Invoice, Infor and any ERP system so your current business operations do not suffer.

FieldEquip empowers you to find the under-utilized resources accurately in real-time. You can schedule these resources for the next due tasks and assignments. Preventing under-utilization of resources and getting the maximum output to help you increase the ROI from our scheduling system.

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