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Scheduling & Dispatch

FieldEquip’s equipment and personnel scheduling function allow you to schedule the resources on the job from one convenient place. FieldEquip allows businesses to schedule and dispatch the field personnel with the right skillset to the site at specific times, ensuring they can handle the services effectively. The application notifies each field personnel of their job information and timeslot.

The operator and the worker himself can see through a work order assigned with full clarity without a hitch using the application. All complications can be worked around within minutes, and with swift efficiency. Field workforce management software allows you to work around the setbacks such as delays or communication errors with ease.


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Use easy to use drag-and-drop functions to view as well as organize the workers and equipment as per the availability. Manage smarter to direct the right talent at the right time.
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Manage Unplanned Events
FieldEquip allows you to sort personnel by role or skill set. Find and notify the right people faster during an unplanned event at the field/facility.
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Optimize Resource Utilization
Avoid any overlapping of work orders for the workers. Prevent equipment under-utilization by viewing the equipment available during the scheduling.
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Save Time
Assign the right skillset at the right location to the right job. Use the scheduler to find the required skill sets in real-time scenarios.

What We Deliver

Schedule Field Workforce in Calendar
  • Assign and notify job and specific time to the field personnel through FieldEquip scheduling & dispatch feature.
  • Mobile application to scan equipment barcode and record the dispatch to avoid any wrong deliveries.
  • Capture the equipment state by taking pictures from mobile applications during dispatch to record any damage.
  • Schedule the equipment as per availability and avoid any bottlenecks
  • A direct view into Personnel availability
  • Modify jobs, allowing the back office to work around complications efficiently.
  • Keep updated with jobs in real-time on a simple interface, maintaining full clarity and transparency for each work order.
  • Find the nearest available (required) skillset and notify them through the mobile application with just one click.
  • Get a holistic view of the assigned resources in the field to make smart business decisions.

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