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FieldEquip Completes Digitization of Fracking Batch Mixing Plant

Houston, TX, March 20, 2019 –FieldEquip, an innovative provider of cloud based software-as-a-service solution for digitization of the oil field service operations announces the completion of another successful implementation for one of the Completion services company. Our customer provides automatic Fracking batch mixing plant to large owner/operators in the Permian and Delaware basins.

FieldEquip uses the IoT edge gateway to connect to provide seamless connectivity to existing Emerson ROC 800-series controller. FieldEquip edge gateway FE-1026E provides interface to the ROC 800-series controller on the local network and uses advanced data mapping technology to convert the time series data into the MQTT based messages for transmission to the FieldEquip cloud in Amazon cloud. It uses standard Internet of Things (IoT) protocol MQTT for message transmission in real-time. It sends various tags including flow rate, tank levels for Sand, Water, chemical additives via the edge gateway to the cloud. FieldEquip cloud uses AWS expandable computing to do the real-time analysis and the data can be visualized in real time by the Owner/Operator engineers remotely via Mobile App and/or via the online portal.

Digitization using FieldEquip enables the completion services company to offer a fully automated Fracking batch mixing plant to its customers and allows them to have a real-time view into the operations remotely. FieldEquip not only provides the data connectivity and analysis capabilities, but also provides asset tracking and utilization of the batch mixing plant. It allows the customer to create work orders for the plant through FieldEquip, schedule and track the utilization of the asset. Our platform provides complete asset utilization, data collection and workflow automation all in one through a monthly subscription.

About FieldEquip
Founded in March 2016, FieldEquip, a division of Bursys is a Cloud/SaaS software development company. Its main software product line is FieldEquip – Field Service Management and IoT Machine Learning/AI Platform. FieldEquip is a field service management, equipment data collection and analytics cloud platform that delivers real-time monitoring, diagnosis and intelligence for field operations including equipment, personnel and materials. Please contact us

FieldEquip is headquartered in Houston, USA with branch offices in Europe and Asia.

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