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FieldEquip’s new IoT-driven self-learning solutions for Postal & Packaging

Houston, TX, August 22, 2019 – FieldEquip is excited to announce the release of its new solutions for postal, e-commerce and packaging industry. Bursys Group’s 14 years of experience with various customers, around the globe, in this domain enabled us to provide the solutions the world is looking for. A powerful solution with low initial investment will add value in automating and digitizing the day-to-day field operations to ensure smooth functioning of the assets.

As required by this data-driven economy, we understand the potential of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT). We help our clients achieve success by equipping them with six easy-to-use advanced technology solutions: Pickup & Receiving Automation, Field Service Automation, Spare Parts Management, Production Planning, Personnel Scheduling and SLA & KPI Measurement. As a result, you can automate your pickup and receiving process and get real-time status alerts, integrate your sorting and packaging equipment by installing our IoT edge gateway, and enable real-time production monitoring & planning. We even offer built-in integration for many sorting & packaging machines in US/EU. Our edge gateway’s advanced technology allows you to unlock the data from PLC, log files, messaging, etc. and send to the cloud for actions, analysis and learning.

Prat Gupta, CEO and Founder of FieldEquip said “Our advanced IoT Edge Gateway makes us manufacturer agnostic and allows to get the data from sorting and packaging machines for predictive maintenance, operational control and metrics”.

FieldEquip provides real-time proactive alerts to center supervisors and supports CMC Carton Wrap, CMC Smart Mailer, Bell and Howell sorting machines, Packsize X7 in-line packaging and many others. A few advantages for the customers by using FieldEquip are creating your driver routes on the fly, getting real-time updates as soon as the mail/package is picked from the customer location and vehicle arrives into the production facility, having the knowledge of production issues before customer tells you and so on. FieldEquip allows the eCommerce fulfillment facilities to proactively monitor the carton usage, waste, machine performance in real-time.

In addition to successfully helping Oil & Gas companies, we aim to make companies in the Postal, eCommerce & Packaging industry more efficient, productive and competitive, and provide them control of their field at every stage.

About FieldEquip
Founded in March 2016, FieldEquip is a Cloud/SaaS software development company. This Field Service Management and IoT Big Data Analytics Platform serves in two industries: Oil & Gas, and Postal, eCommerce & Packaging. Using the combination of AI and IoT, FieldEquip performs data collection and analytics to deliver real-time monitoring, diagnosis and intelligence for field/facility operations including equipment, personnel and assets. For more information, please contact us at

FieldEquip is headquartered in Houston TX, USA with branch offices In Europe and Asia.

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