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FieldEquip Intelligent IIoT Boosts Productivity for a Large German eCommerce Company

Houston, TX, October 26, 2019 – FieldEquip is excited to announce the successful implementation of FieldEquip cloud-based data-driven machine performance monitoring and service solution for reBuy reCommerce, GmbH, the largest online reseller of new and refurbished electronic goods in Germany. FieldEquip solution will help to reduce the downtime of the machines, keep the essential spare parts on-hand at all times and monitor the productivity of the machines. It also helps the reseller to monitor the performance (KPI’s) of their service provider XPROMA, GmbH and their SLA’s to keep the equipment running on the floor. FieldEquip will detect anomalies in the machine logs, proactively alert the service team and create necessary work orders automatically.

FieldEquip helps the eCommerce company to unlock the data from the fulfillment center and get a real-time view of the packaging of the online orders and productivity of the machines. FieldEquip’s IoT edge gateway is manufacturer agnostic that provides connectivity to the CMC Cartonwrap / SmartMailer machines and enables real-time visualization, notifications and analytics on the data. The insightful analytics results are presented through FieldEquip portal as well as Mobile App, which is available on all popular platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows.

FieldEquip has deployed the complex technology in a simple way and induced very little disruption to the operations of the fulfillment center. Our IoT edge gateway is minimal footprint and collects the data from the machines in the form of logs, events, controllers, etc. It automatically converts and picks relevant data and sends to our analytics platform as lightweight and secured MQTT messages.

Prat Gupta, CEO and Founder of FieldEquip said “This implementation proves our capabilities and shows that FieldEquip is ready for primetime. Our innovative technology is beyond anything available currently in the market. Our advanced predictive analytics and prescriptive actions will save millions in lost productivity and provide easy access to cutting edge machine learning and artificial intelligence technology.” He further added, “Our solution is fully GDPR compliant and inherently built as a global solution and we are proud to have deployed our technology in Europe”.

In addition to CMC equipment, FieldEquip provides complete integration with all the equipment and assets such as Bell and Howell sorting machines, Packsize X7 in-line packaging and many others. We can interface with any controller such as Allen Bradley, Siemens, etc. and talk any protocol.

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Founded in March 2016, FieldEquip is a Cloud/SaaS software development company. This Field Service Management and IoT Big Data Analytics Platform serves in two industries: Oil & Gas, and Postal, eCommerce & Packaging. Using the combination of AI and IoT, FieldEquip performs data collection and analytics to deliver real-time monitoring, diagnosis and intelligence for field/facility operations including equipment, personnel and assets. For more information, please contact us at

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