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FieldEquip Assisting a Large Oil Field Service Company of Middle East in Oilfield Digitization

Houston, TX, November 15, 2019 – FieldEquip announces the award of a multi-year digitization contract by one of the largest Oil Field Service companies in the Middle East and part of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Phase 1 of the digitization will automate periodic field inspections of the equipment to maintain compliance and safety. This equipment is spread throughout the country in the field and needs to be inspected on a regular basis. Further, compliance reporting has to be done along with the historical maintenance of records. This will enable FieldEquip to stretch the boundaries of machine learning and AI to predict potential failures and avoid safety-related incidents. The solution will be implemented in the cloud and integrate with the on-prem SAP systems of the customer. This will allow seamless integration of processes and extends the automation into the field directly through our mobile app solutions. Our solution will empower the customer to digitize the inspections performed by vendors and enable the data captured directly using mobile applications.

Prat Gupta, CEO and Founder of FieldEquip said “We are excited to be able to bring advanced technology solutions in order to create safe working environments for our customers and their employees.” He further added, “Our advanced technology can be easily deployed across the world and continues to extend the data-driven intelligence in the field”.

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Founded in March 2016, FieldEquip is a Cloud/SaaS software development company. This Field Service Management and IoT Big Data Analytics Platform serves in two industries: Oil & Gas, and Postal, eCommerce & Packaging. Using the combination of AI and IoT, FieldEquip performs data collection and analytics to deliver real-time monitoring, diagnosis, and intelligence for field/facility operations including equipment, personnel and assets. For more information, please contact us at

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