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Digital Field Ticketing Software

Projects can take months to complete, and in that time, payment and development are imperative to keep track of, no matter how hard it may be. FieldEquip’s digital field ticketing solution avoids the stress of managing both your services and progress on site by digitizing the field ticket system.

The cloud-based field ticket management solution empowers oilfield service companies to generate, review, and approve digital field tickets for faster invoice approvals and payment. Our software solution allows operators and field personnel to capture customer signature electronically through a mobile application remotely and easily email the documents.

Benefits of Field Ticket Management System

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Go Paperless & Avoid Revenue Leakage
Eliminate the bundles of papers filled with field tickets. Digitize the tickets and access the history with just a few clicks. Capture the data electronically and never risk losing the paper-based tickets and avoid revenue leakage.
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Eliminate Waiting Time
Earlier, approval for field tickets takes a lot of time. Now, it can be done within moments using our easy-to-use mobile application. Get the real-time notifications from the field and approve the tickets from your pocket.
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Better Visibility & Decision Making
Get better visibility into ongoing spending by getting access to the field tickets in real-time and make informed decisions. Analyze the digital information from the field for data-driven decisions.
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Team Collaboration
Enhanced communications between office staff and field operatives with a cloud-based workflow engine, integrated APIs, and a dedicated mobile application.

What We Deliver

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  • Field ticketing application generates digital field tickets anytime, and anywhere including remote areas, both online and offline.
  • Digitized field tickets provide analyzed data-driven information for better decisions.
  • Record progress on a task as it progresses using FieldEquip’s digital ticketing software.
  • Know the status of completed tickets as soon as field personnel updates the information.
  • Built-in electronic signature compatibility to ease the workflow with custom field validation.
  • Generate invoices from a project, managing financials in a simple user interface.
  • Store documents related to each ticket right as you create them
  • Attach job documents such as before and after photos, receipts, safety forms, etc. and email them easily.
  • Capture job logs, Geolocation, etc with the mobile application.
  • Get customized notifications (email, text, and push) throughout the workflow process.

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