Exploration & Production

FieldEquip brings intelligence to industrial equipment through connected field service, IoT data collection, monitoring and prescriptive analytics.

Automate Quote to Cash

FieldEquip will automate the work order or job service order process from quote to invoicing using configurable work flow templates. No more lost revenue due to lost tickets from field. Improve cash flow through low DSO.

Monitor & Diagnose Field Equipment

Connect your field equipment / assets to our IoT platform to actively monitor and diagnose before breakdown. FieldEquip can collect real-time data through AWS or like IoT platform; or using FieldEquip edge gateway supporting multiple protocols such as IoT or SSL.

Line of Sight into Field

FieldEquip platform brings real-time data access to back office and management. See where the worker is at any time and what jobs they are working on. Access materials and labor hours on a job immediately. Rich manager dashboards for tracking progress.

Online/Offline Mobile Access

Multi-platform FieldEquip mobile app allows easy entry of field ticket data including hours and materials. No more lost paper field tickets or lost emails. The data flows for approval as soon as the work is completed.

Work Order Exchange

FieldEquip makes it easy to pass on the work orders to other companies outside of your company with limited access. It allows easy collection of data from your vendors in real-time and have a pulse on your operations.

Field Ticket for Time & Materials

FieldEquip mobile application makes it easy to collect data from field worker for time, materials and expenses in real-time online or offline.

Asset Cost Tracking at Site

FieldEquip platform tracks total cost of assets at any point in time at a site. Keep track of the cost of rental assets and service costs for the fixed site assets at any point in time. It provides a single source of truth from the field.

Prescriptive Field Service

FieldEquip provides connected field services. By keeping track of health data and constantly analyzing the data in the cloud, it can predict failures and prescribe a solution by automatically generating work orders for service.

Reporting & KPI Dashboards

FieldEquip platform provides built-in reports along with capability to drill down and generate reports in various formats such as PDF, CSV, Excel. Many pre-built KPI dashboards and widgets are available as well.

Asset Tracking and Performance

Physically track assets utilizing barcode, RFID and GPS tracking technologies. Capture equipment run times & component usage.

sunset rigTechnology Driven Exploration and Production

FieldEquip’s oilfield service software takes the unknown out of exploration and production in the oilfield. Get real time information on any job.

Stay Focused on Your Work

FieldEquip oil and gas software for field service operations offers the power to monitor exploration and production jobs to stay apprised of every aspect of the job.

Real Time Information

Keep a close eye on developments in the field with FieldEquip’s ability to monitor and diagnose from field service automation. Tracking technology gives a comprehensive picture of real time activity with:

  • Mobile app
  • GPS
  • Barcode and RFID – Keep tabs on assets using barcode scanner or radio frequency
Know What Jobs Are in Progress

FieldEquip offers a comprehensive view of exploration and production projects with:

  • Job order processing with configurable work flow templates to keep track of services as they are performed
  • Cost of assets and services on a job
  • Worker resources used including time, materials and expenses
  • Functional ability to pass work to other companies
Manage With Confidence

FieldEquip offers oil and gas software for oilfield management. Exploration and production managers can collect real time data on workers through mobile access on most devices.

Monitor Equipment With Ease

The platform offers comprehensive asset tracking onsite (with mobile access). View equipment run times, locations and actively monitor the equipment avoiding costly breakdowns.

Inspection Management

FieldEquip offers complete suite of Mobile App based inspection management. We automate the inspections of offshore platforms to land based facilities.  FieldEquip provides intelligent easy-to-use interfaces for inspectors for Corrosion control inspections, facilities inspections and Well site inspections.

FieldEquip will create BSEE compliant reports for the Level 1 and 2 inspections on the Offshore platforms automatically from the data collected from the field. The data including pictures, cathodic protection readings, visual notes is captures in real-time on mobile devices in the field and automatically transferred to the FieldEquip cloud. No more waiting for the data for months after inspection, once the data is entered at site, it will automatically transfer to central platform when the device gets signal. The reports are generated automatically at the end of inspections and any critical alerts are send immediately to the Customers and engineers to look at.

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