Leadership Team

Sumeet Aggarwal

Sumeet Aggarwal

Director Product Development


Sumeet is the Director of Technology at Bursys. He is based out of Bursys’ India office and is responsible for leading all software product development projects. Sumeet has more than 15 years of extensive global experience in the management of large software development projects.

Sumeet holds an MS (Computer Science) from Auckland University, New Zealand and has an MBA from Punjab Agricultural University, India. Prior to joining Bursys, he worked at various software companies in the Asia-Pacific region. Sumeet has a track record of successfully building best-in-class software development teams for globally distributed products. He oversees technology projects involving various aspects of innovation, strategy, technology, and execution.

He is a member of several industry associations and technical committees of professional institutes in India.

In his spare time, Sumeet enjoys reading books, gardening and golfing.