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Industry - Oil & Gas Down-Hole Tool Manufacturer

Digitization of Field Service Operations for Specialized Downhole Tools Company in Texas




Our client is a highly reputable manufacturer specializing in designing innovative down-hole tools and fluid levels automation for the Oil & Gas industry. They provide complete solutions and support to their customers including training, set up, and service. Located in Midland, Texas, the company focuses on providing creative solutions using every aspect of modern technology to ensure well optimization for its customers.

The client required a field service management system that could automate workflows and digitally transform their field service operations. Their objective was to automate every part of field operations, from work order management and field ticketing to approval and invoicing. To ensure that customers were accurately billed for the services provided, they sought to maintain pricebooks in the system. To improve business KPIs, all they wanted was an easy platform with an interactive dashboard for real-time data monitoring and reporting/forecasting of the revenue for different business segments.


  • The client field ticketing procedure was entirely manual, making tracking field activities a laborious task.
  • They lacked an efficient system for planning and reporting all of their field service-related operations.
  • They didn’t have much visibility into the scheduling of resources, jobs/work order, and etc.
  • The approval process for field tickets was sluggish and manual which took a lot of time.
  • There was no streamlined workflow for field ticket approvals, review, and modifications to guarantee accuracy.
  • The flow of information between teams and from the back office to the field was done manually by exchanging emails back and forth to communicate all of the information.
client field ticketing procedure was entirely manual
Field Ticketing Software with Online Offline Mode


  • Our experts worked closely with the client to understand their workflow and demonstrate how automation may solve their difficulties.
  • We recommended FieldEquip to them, a highly configurable SaaS platform-with cutting-edge features like work order, proposal management, scheduling and dispatching, field ticketing, item catalog, workflow management, dashboard and reporting, mobile application with offline-online data collection, and invoice creation and billing.
  • Suggested automation of every step of their approval, field ticketing and billing process with the help of field ticketing software. 
  • Made planning and reporting for all of their field service-related operations more efficient.
  • Integrated a price list into their system, with the option of role-based access.
  • Provided a simplified flow of information between teams and from the back office to the field with all the data/information housed under a single online platform.
  • Customized the solution according to their specific business requirements.
Jack Pumps in Oilfield


  • Complete automation of approval, field ticketing and billing process.
  • A 30–40% increase in their overall field and back-office operational efficiency.
  • Better decision-making and visibility into the scheduling of resources, jobs/work order, and other processes with interactive easy-to-use dashboard. 
  • Efficient planning and reporting for all of their field service-related operations.
  • Faster cashflow approval of field tickets with easy online access to all field operations workflow data.
  • Enhanced field personnel location insights with GPS/mobile app access.
digital field ticketing

Complete Automation

30–40% Increase in Operational Efficiency

Time and Cost Savings

Client Testimonial

“FieldEquip transformed our business by automating our field ticketing process. In just a short span of time, the FieldEquip team delivered a personalized, customized system that perfectly aligned with our needs. Their responsiveness and quick service, even for fixes, were impressive. Choosing FieldEquip was a financially wise decision, and we highly recommend them for their exceptional automation solutions!”

Russell Messer
Senior Vice President – WellWorx Energy

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