Industrial Manufacturing Field Service Management Software

Field Service Management Software for Equipment Manufacturers

Equipment manufacturers are increasingly focusing on the value of servicing their products to protect and improve brand reputation and value as well as grow a profitable revenue stream. To meet projected financial gains from product services while providing superior customer service, organizations require efficient processes and workflows. FieldEquip is a feature-rich field service management software platform that helps service providers become more efficient. Its intuitive features enable organizations to seamlessly interact and collaborate cross-functionally to provide quick effective resolutions. FieldEquip’s field inventory management helps ensure that the right part is available at the right place at the right time. Its smart contract feature manages customer entitlements, SLA’s, and pricing, ensuring that customers receive the level of service they expect.

Key Features

Workflow Automation Software

Customized Workflow and Notifications

Our cloud-based software platform allows you to optimize workflows and improve communications cross-functionally. FieldEquip’s web portal and mobile app functionality seamlessly keeps everyone informed of field activities enabling effective communication that promotes collaboration and builds customer confidence.

Scheduling and dispatch

Scheduling & Dispatch

With a web-based user interface and integration of GPS, FieldEquip allows operators to schedule and dispatch work-assignments quickly. The advanced search capabilities allow them and management to assign work orders to technicians with the appropriate skills or based on other required criteria such as proximity and availability.

Field Service contract Management Software

Smart Contracts

FieldEquip organizes service contracts digitally providing quick access. Helps field service organizations facilitate contractual deliverables such as customer entitlements, SLA’s, and pricing. The FieldEquip smart contracts feature removes a considerable amount of administrative duties from field workforces and significantly helps improve invoicing accuracy.

Field Inventory Management Software

Spare Parts Management

Ensure that field technicians carry the required spare parts and the appropriate quantities to ensure first-time-fixes and minimize equipment downtime. FieldEquip provides full visibility of all field parts stocking locations including main warehouses. Our inventory management feature provides them visibility of other nearby technician’s inventory as an alternative option to better serve customers.

Field Invoicing Software


Automate by digitalizing the capturing of data relating to travel, labor hours, parts consumption, and all work order related expenditures to accurately invoice customers and prevent payment delays.

Field Service contract Management Software

Customer Self-Service Portal

Improve customer satisfaction by using our customer portal feature to track progress of their respective service requests in real-time. Notify your field technicians to work on prioritized service requests provided by the customer through the use of the portal.

Digital Field Ticketing

Mobile Field Service Management

Manage your field operations with our FieldEquip mobile app on your device of choice. Your field technicians are immediately notified of assigned work orders and field tickets. They can easily record work activity, view inventory stock, order parts, capture customers’ digital signatures for approval, and many other functions.

Digital Field ticketing System

Field E-Ticketing

Eliminate paper-based field ticketing processes or speed up form-based legacy applications by automating through integrated digitalization. Digital Field Ticketing accelerates job-reporting and practically eliminates invoicing errors shortening the service-to-cash cycle. Our mobile app processes e-tickets data offline and online. When offline the data is stored in the mobile device and automatically transmits data when detects network coverage.


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FieldEquip helps you automate and optimize your workflow and improve operating efficiency. Operating efficiency in service, builds customer confidence which helps you gain new business.

By optimizing your workflows and reporting real-time activity, service processes become increasingly efficient and with the right information, management is able to make better decisions. Service cost is reduced by using a system such as FieldEquip that helps you to prevent wasted valuable field service time on repeat problems and continually improve processes to provide superior service.

Our customer portal allows customers to not only submit service requests, but it also gives them access to work order status, asset history, and contract information. Giving customers access to information that they can make decisions with, builds a stronger relationship between the service provider and the customer.

Our intuitive mobile app senses the presence and absence of network coverage. In remote locations, our mobile app allows field technicians to record work order information off-line which is stored on the device. Once they are back where network coverage is available, the mobile app automatically uploads the information and reestablishes normal communication activity.

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