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Parts Inventory Management Software

Easily Find the Exact Part Required and Save Time with Field Service Inventory Management Software

Locating the nearest spare part is no longer a hassle! FieldEquip’s mobile inventory tracking system saves time by helping find the correct location of every part. In addition, to maintain optimum efficiency, FieldEquip’s mobile inventory management solution also sends automatic notifications when inventory reaches a specific threshold level. As a result, organization and field operations experience fewer workflow disruptions and increased efficiency.

Features of Parts Inventory Management Software

Track Inventory Movements in Real-Time with FieldEquip Field Inventory Tracking Software

Most field service businesses struggle with inventory governance. They face challenges in managing their field service work order demand due to a lack of instant information about the who, what, why, where, and when of their parts and every other aspect of their business. This has resulted in the rise in the adoption of next-gen field inventory tracking software such as FieldEquip for optimal field warehouse tracking.

With FieldEquip, you can have round-the-clock visibility into inventory levels of parts you need. FieldEquip is a full-suite software that field service organizations need to run their business efficiently, whether it is service truck inventory management about tracking truck inventory or field warehouse tracking. 

Track Inventory Movements in Real-Time Software

Tracking inventory movements in real-time simplified

Transform your field service business with the FieldEquip field warehouse tracking software platform. FieldEquip’s mobile stock tracking feature ensures you never run out of inventory. It ensures that your field workforce has the necessary parts to complete the scheduled work order on time. FieldEquip’s mobile-first inventory software to track parts/trucks empowers technicians with the tools they need to locate and transfer inventory from wherever they are. 

FieldEquip’s field inventory tracking software helps companies multiply technician work order completion by ensuring they have the right parts before a job is scheduled. This further reduces repeat visits, allowing you to enhance customer satisfaction by getting the job done right the first time.

Keep field inventory tracking and service truck inventory management at your fingertips! Literally 

Customer Inventory at the Click of a Button with FieldEquip

Manage your Customer Inventory at the Click of a Button with FieldEquip

Managing costs is an essential function of any service business. However, today field service organizations have multiple business sites, which makes it difficult for them to operate efficiently.

Managing customer inventory is one of the main challenges that field service organizations with customers across diverse sites face. However, an increasing number of companies have started leveraging customer inventory management software to ensure that they never run out of stock. A customer inventory management system is a modern solution that provides technicians and customers real-time access to the right parts and supplies inventory. 

A customer inventory management system reduces the number of repeated visits to fix equipment and saves on resources and money. FieldEquip customer inventory management system is a powerful inventory tracking solution that allows businesses to easily track their parts usage and determine the right parts and quantities to manage the stock efficiently. The comprehensive field service management system also helps companies reduce the cash spent on excess inventory.

Customer stock tracking is a boon for present-day businesses. It ensures seamless flow of business-critical processes. Businesses can easily edit and update their inventory and invoices in real time, whether in the office or the field. The customer inventory management system allows customers to optimize inventory effectively. 

FieldEquip is a leading customer inventory management system that allows customers to achieve their inventory management goals efficiently. It helps businesses to operate profitably while ensuring that the customer inventory is always accurate. 

Redefine and simplify your customer inventory tracking and management to grow profitably. Literally!

Scale your Business by Streamlining Inventory Parts Transfer and Rebalancing with Cost-Effective FieldEquip

Multiple factors affect the efficiency of distribution chain management. Many companies lose money due to poor inventory parts transfer, rebalancing, and management. Large-scale businesses have multiple inventories across geographies and staying up to date about the stock transfer requirement and rebalance is challenging. FieldEquip’s inventory parts transfer and inventory rebalancing features simplify the entire process of inventory management.

With FieldEquip, stakeholders stay informed about when the inventory levels are imbalanced and when there is a need for inventory parts transfer. FieldEquip is designed to help businesses get round-the-clock visibility into transferring stocks from a central warehouse to a technical-level warehouse. 

Scale your Business by Streamlining Inventory Parts Transfer

In addition, it helps them reduce costs by simplifying inventory parts transfer and inventory rebalancing processes to ensure there is no scope for error, no inventory leakage, and an optimized customer experience. Keeping a track of the inventory levels helps in ensuring that every location has sufficient stock in place – so neither you are over-stocking nor under-stoking.  

The centralized dashboard on the FieldEquip app gives real-time access to information related to stock transfer from one warehouse to another, which helps in smart decision-making and better business. The centralization of data and efficient accessibility through FieldEquip app ensures that the businesses can streamline their processes and save money related to overhead of inventory.

Grow profitable with optimal stock transfer and rebalance. Literally!

Return Material Authorization and Processing Time

Optimize Customer Experience by Reducing Return Material Authorization and Processing Time with FieldEquip

Parts ordering, returns and exchanges are unavoidable. Unfortunately, field businesses can’t avert them, but they can improve customer experience with FieldEquip return material authorization software. Return material authorization (RMA) numbers are vital for companies to analyzing the financial effects of their RMA processes and understanding customer satisfaction.

Return Material Authorization software allows businesses to record information about returned materials, create receipts, add inspection details, and processing of the return to the warehouse.


With FieldEquip’s RMA return material authorization software, OEMs can easily control return operations to ensure delightful customer delivery and experience. Return material authorization software accelerates parts ordering while also allowing warehouse managers and field technicians to track the return of spare parts in real-time. In addition, FieldEquip’s RMA return material authorization software supports single and multiple parts returns at an unprecedented pace, minimizing bad customer experiences. 

The return material authorization software maintains a database of all the parts ordering, which helps businesses work on continuous quality improvement and reduce the risk of reoccurring quality issues.

FieldEquip is all about speed, accuracy, and convenience. Literally!

Track Inventory Threshold in Real Time with FieldEquip

Having inventory in multiple warehouses and sites poses a complicated logistical challenge. With businesses growing and scaling rapidly, it has become vital for companies to invest in advanced technology systems and software. 

An inventory threshold tracking system helps businesses stay updated as and when the inventory reaches the threshold limit. With inventory threshold tracking, companies can reduce wastage and ensure no missed timelines.

Many businesses struggle to ensure that the physical inventory counts match the inventory records. But, with the FieldEquip’s cycle count adjustment feature, businesses can stay updated about the status of the inventory records in real time.

Track Inventory Threshold in Real Time

FieldEquip track inventory threshold software notifies the stakeholders when an inventory reaches the threshold limit. It automatically orders parts when the inventory reaches the threshold limit. The modern system also informs stakeholders with an accurate report that includes how many items are in the inventory and how many are consumed. 

Never run out of stock in the physical inventory or overinvest in parts due to a lack of real-time information about the threshold limit by staying updated about the inventory status. FieldEquip count inventory threshold feature quickens and streamlines inventory threshold tracking, which helps stakeholders make informed decisions. 

Start tracking inventory, supplies, materials, and more in real-time with FieldEquip. Literally!

RFID Inventory Tracking System

Minimize Inventory Loss with FieldEquip RFID Inventory Tracking System

Conducting a physical inventory check takes time, as it includes going through boxes and racks and handling comprehensive products. With RFID, a physical inventory check or inventory audit can be done with everything at its place, which accelerates the entire process and eliminates the scope of disruption. In addition, the wireless technology efficiently transmits through most walls, so products are not needed to be removed from boxes to verify physical counts.

FieldEquip’s RFID parts tracking software enables companies with barcode scanning serialization capability, which helps them ensure that each item is serialized and counted using RFID tracking, a scanner bearing an antenna. Adopting an RFID inventory tracking system removes the scope of human error which drives accuracy. The RFID inventory tracking technology even adds a layer of security for retailers. 

When filling orders, parts can be located quickly by simply calling up the information in the RFID inventory tracking system. Companies can easily track the stock check-in and check-out through barcodes or RFID tracking codes to stay updated about the state of inventory and parts in real-time. Barcoding and RFID scanning also enable customer ease with mobile stock check in/ out capability. It delights customers, equips store associates, and multiplies in-store conversions, as employees can focus on critical areas like upselling customers rather than investing time on manual processes. In addition, FieldEquip adds unique value to businesses that carry extensive inventory with its RFID tagging. 

The easy-to-implement and integrate FieldEquip RFID inventory tracking system empowers field companies with invaluable inventory control capabilities for business growth.

Simplify Inventory Management with RFID. Literally!

Integrate with any ERP / Accounting / CRM

FieldEquip is supported by standard RESTful API’s and can integrate with any system to provide a seamless integrated experience for our customers. Integrate FieldEquip easily with any CRM, ERP or accounting system that you currently use.  Many integrations are provided out-of-the-box and require minimal effort to provide a seamless experience across the systems preventing double data entry. Following are some of the common integrations:

  • Microsoft Dynamics, NAV, Business Central (BC)
  • Intuit Quickbooks (Online / Enterprise)
  • Salesforce
  • SAP
    Infor Syteline / M3
  • Sage – all versions
  • Oracle
  • ShipExpress/Kaleris

Contact us to learn how we can integrate with your system that may not be in the list above. We provide seamless integration with any system using API or file exchange.  FieldEquip supports all the acceptable security protocols for integration such as OAuth2.

FieldEquip Integrations

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