Generate Custom Proposals for Customers

Build Customized Proposals for Field Services and Generate New Revenue Streams

It is as important for a company to quickly respond to potential clients as it is to have a Unique Selling Proposition. Beat the competitors by bringing speed to your proposals and reaching your customers faster. Use our standard built-in templates or customize them according to the business needs of the customer and generate proposals for them instantly.

Further, our system has the capability to automatically apply the discount at item level as per price books, giving you the flexibility to change the discount directly at any time. Design workflows, receive signed approvals digitally and move beyond to create work orders straight from your proposals.

Proposal Management Software: Key Features and Benefits

Built-In Templates & Easy Customization

Get more Wins and Increase Revenue

Build Proposals based on Historical Data

Plan Full Scope of Project

What We Deliver

Increase equipment productivity with Proposal Management software


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Ask us about our Proposal Management Software

Yes, we have an intuitive mobile app to control most of the field service activities with your fingers. Our proposal and quote solution is easily accessible through mobile irrespective of device configuration.

FieldEquip empowers field technicians to create accurate quotes on location using pre-defined templates and get it approved digitally from the customer. Hence streamlining the field service process hassle-free.

FieldEquip’s proposal management software helps sales teams quickly create proposals for every individual client based on requirement. Our predetermined proposal templates enable your sales team to manage the service hours needed, pricing, parts required etc. within the template to speed up the process.

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