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3 Key Benefits of IoT and AI Technology in Field Service

The Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) technologies have taken machinery maintenance to new heights. These enhanced benefits have been especially important within the field service industry. FieldEquip is here to share the 3 key benefits these innovative technologies can have for equipment care. 

IoT Independent Data Collection

How do you collect data from machinery? Manual data collection requires extensive on-site presence, which makes the process very inefficient. Naturally, technicians cannot be on-site around the clock to collect and interpret data. This disconnect can leave you missing important machinery insights that could prevent significant downtime and unnecessary disruptions to your customers’ operations.

With IoT technology, there is no need for a middleman. Advanced software systems such as EquipConnect can tap into the machinery’s internal sensors and PLC network for continuous, direct, and accurate data collection. With the right insights on your side, your remote support team could address equipment issues without having to dispatch a technician. Should a technician be required to visit the site, he or she can jump right into machinery care rather than spending time gathering and interpreting data.

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AI Technology and Data Interpretation

IoT technology gathers extensive amounts of data—from sensors and control systems such as machine temperature, pressure, noise levels, and more—to tell you what is going on with any piece of equipment. This raw data has to be translated into actionable information. During technician troubleshooting processes, it can be challenging to correctly diagnose the issue the first time. This is where AI solutions come in. 

Artificial intelligence can translate complex IoT data into actionable insights for your team. By eliminating the guesswork from field service solutions, AI technology can help accelerate problem resolution processes and significantly improve the value of service to customers.

AI, IoT, and ML technologies elevate the level of care that your business can provide. There are four different styles and methods of maintenance: preventative, proactive, predictive, and prescriptive. However, the highest level of machinery care can only be achieved with the latest technology. 

Preventative Maintenance:

The preventative level of maintenance involves completing routine, manufacturer-recommended equipment care. This is the generic level of upkeep associated with “traditional” maintenance services. These are an essential part of any service business.

Proactive Maintenance:

The proactive level of maintenance involves proactively identifying system performance issues and responding to them before failures occur. For example, if you notice a piece of machinery beginning to lag or malfunction, built-in equipment diagnostic tools could direct you to the failing component allowing you to proactively replace it before the entire system goes down. 

Predictive Maintenance:

Predictive maintenance occurs when AI, IoT, and ML technology notify you on-site or remotely of machinery issues before they become severe and cause production outages. Based on data gathered and analyzed from sensors and system controllers, the software provides advanced predictions allowing adequate time to make corrections or replace failing components. Studies have repeatedly proven that predictive maintenance significantly reduces maintenance cost by minimizing service time and increases equipment uptime making customers much happier. 

Prescriptive Maintenance:

The prescriptive level of maintenance takes predictive insights one step further. Using AI, IoT, and ML technologies, prescriptive maintenance occurs when the software detects a potential problem indicating the probable cause(s) and additionally provides possible solutions ranking them by analyzing relevant probability factors. This futuristic level of maintenance lets service organizations commit to outcome-based service agreements with confidence and win more new business.


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