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Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Prevent Costly Business Disruptions?

There is no question that disruptions in any business cause immediate outlay and potentially have a longer-term impact from lost business.  Thankfully, AI solutions have found ways to circumvent or minimize equipment failure-related disruptions by monitoring and analyzing operating conditions to essentially predict them.  Learn more here about improving the service you provide to your customers with the power of AI technology.

Keeping Your Workflow Moving While Saving Thousands in Equipment Damage

AI can help your customers minimize their costly disruptions caused by malfunctioning machinery. Predictive and preventative maintenance technology uses AI data from IoT sensors, PLC networks, and log files to track equipment’s health. Unlike manual checks, this technology monitors equipment status 24/7. You and your customers get automatic alerts when the technology senses the need for maintenance, helping you prevent costly equipment failures and business disruptions. 

Field service AI systems can also monitor the mean time before failure (MTBF) and the mean time to repair (MTTR)—allowing you to make data-driven decisions about corrective actions. When an imminent issue arises, you will get instant critical fault alerts. Combined with real-time data analysis, AI can help you complete remote diagnostics and dispatch a repair technician. This technology will effectively minimize equipment downtime —preventing costly and presentable disruptions. 

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Eliminating Workflow Bottlenecks

What if you could detect the exact source of your customer’s production disruptions? While this may be impossible for most field service providers, it is well within the capacity of AI technology. AI technology can create a “digital twin” of your customer’s equipment and operations. This technology gathers data and digitally recreates simulations of how equipment and operations should function. AI technology then compares this information to the data produced in the real environment.

The digital twin comparison can pinpoint the cause of bottlenecks in a production workflow. For example, it may detect that one machine is working slower than the others, or perhaps a certain shift of personnel is delaying production. Once the sources of these issues are identified, you and your customer can take steps to circumvent these disruptions.

Meet Your SLAs and Outcome-Based Agreements

The threshold for a successful Field Service Organization is often defined by how well they meet their SLAs (service-level agreements). Outcome-based agreements and SLAs tell your customer what to expect from your organization. When you fall short of meeting these expectations, you can lose valuable business, earn a poor reputation for your organization, and find yourself with unhappy customers. Without AI technology, outcomes can become harder to predict—making outcome-based agreements challenging to fulfill. Whether your agreements involve providing customers with improved machinery performance, uptime, or health, you first need direct insight into the equipment. 

AI technology can give you the comprehensive equipment information you need as well as real-time data updates about any changes. Field Service AI technology (such as Bursys’s EquipConnect) continuously provides you with the key metrics you need to support your service contracts. When a critical fault is detected, this technology can create an automatic service request and enable remote service to help you meet your agreements. Using real-time data analytics and reporting features, you can then communicate your outcomes to customers with ease and transparency.

Avoiding Schedule Disruptions

AI technology continuously gathers data to help you make informed decisions relating to resource planning. This data includes comprehensive information about predictable performance conditions requiring planned work orders, job requirements, and personnel scheduling. Monitoring and analyzing equipment operating conditions using AI allows service organizations to proactively coordinate scheduling of services with customers during production idle times preventing unexpected disruptions.

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FieldEquip Field Service AI Technology

Are you ready to enable your field service organization to provide proactive and predictive service to your customers?  EquipConnect from FieldEquip is here for you. Using the latest technology, our field service software offers innovative AI solutions. This comes in addition to our comprehensive field service software capabilities. You can schedule a free demo to see this software in action—or contact our experts for more information today!

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