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IoT Technology: The Future of Field Service Management

IoT technology is shaping the way the field service industry grows, providing new outlets of information and opportunity. With access to real-time monitoring and actionable insights, the industry is becoming more data-driven by the moment—taking both the guesswork and groundwork out of field service management. Here is a closer look at IoT technology and how it is shaping the future of the field service industry.

What is IoT Technology?

IoT an abbreviation for the Internet of Things. As the name suggests, this technology connects physical objects (“things”) over the internet. “Smart” objects produce data streams from equipment sensors, machinery software, and other embedded technologies. These data streams transport to your IoT platform through the cloud. In the field service industry, this often involves:

  • Tapping into the sensors in your machinery
  • Collecting traditional log files
  • Reaching PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) data through your local machine network
  • Accessing OEM (original equipment manufacturer) networks using edge gateway appliance
  • Filling in the gaps with Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine learning

Field service IoT technology—such as Bursys’s branded EquipConnect— gathers and synthesizes all of this information, providing you with data visualization, essential notifications, and in-depth analysis. 

Internet of Things

Merging Equipment and Operations Data

IoT technology combined with Field Service Management software, such as FieldEquip, form a complete solution that monitors both your machinery status and the status of your operations. This gives you a comprehensive overview of your company’s workflow and performance. Not only can this comprehensive solution help you keep a pulse on your business, but it can also help you quickly identify and address any issues. When a problem emerges, you can see it instantly outlined in your dashboard. These insights will also help you trace the issue to its source, identifying an area of your staff performance, equipment, or other potential operational force that may be causing workflow interruptions.

Remote System Monitoring and Control

Without the right technology, it can be challenging to maintain visibility while working remotely—especially in the field service sector. IoT technology comprehensively addresses these remote work challenges. For example, detecting a machinery issue used to require continuous on-site monitoring. With IoT insight, a machinery issue is detected instantaneously:

  • Real-time data detects a critical machine failure—often long before manual checks would have uncovered this issue.
  • You receive a notification straight to your device, whether you are at home, on-site, or out of town.
  • IoT technology immediately collects and uploads diagnostic information to your dashboard.
  • Your technicians can access these diagnostics, monitor the real-time data, provide support remotely, or dispatch a repair expert. 
  • Early issue detection enabled by IoT technology helps you get your machinery repaired before the issue worsens. This keeps repair costs minimized and reduces the time it takes to get your equipment back up and running. 
  • IoT technology provides a pathway to predictive equipment maintenance, allowing field service organizations to confidently offer outcome-based maintenance agreements to their customers.

This is all possible without ever needing to be on-site or in an office. In fact, you may not even need to leave the app. IoT technology lets you manage your field service business from anywhere in the world more efficiently than manual on-site checks ever allowed. 

Monitor and Analyze KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can help you measure and elevate your business’s success. Pre-defined metrics determine the expected output of your business, and IoT technology monitors how your performance compares to these expectations. KPI information is uploaded into customizable dashboards, letting you configure reports tailored to your business. This data also pinpoints the source of any delays, helping you improve your internal processes, efficiency, and profitability. 

construction site technology

Predictive and Preventative Machinery Maintenance

In the field service industry, equipment maintenance can help save you thousands on repairs and premature replacements. IoT technology continuously monitors your machinery status. When combined with the power of AI and machine learning, these tools can predict potential machinery issues and notify you when you are due for a maintenance visit. This software solution can prevent machinery troubles before they occur, saving your business money and preventing repair downtime. 

FieldEquip Field Service Software with IoT

The future of the field service industry is being spearheaded by those with the most powerful tools. This used to mean having the largest, most superior machinery. Now, it involves having the latest software, information, and technology in your toolbox. When you are ready to access the power of IoT insights, FieldEquip is here for you. Contact our experts today to learn more about EquipConnect, our IoT field service solution.

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