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SLA & KPI Measurement

Manage SLAs & Manage KPIs

If you manage multiple customers, keeping track of your service level agreements and key performance indicators ensures that you are doing your job and doing it right. It is important to keep track of service level agreements to ensure that your clients are happy. Our easy to use interface allows for the quick creation, modification, deletion, pausing, suspension, and closure of all SLAs on file. In-app color codes and email notifications mean you never miss an important issue or lose track of customer service agreements again.

A customizable dashboard allows you to create your own KPI measurement equations and view each aspect in real-time. Oversee every aspect of production and service performance and your sorting and fulfillment centers. All metrics, widgets, parameters, and equations to ensure you can track everything you need at once.


Set Business Hours as per Client Requirement

Set Business Hours According to Your Global Client

Tracking the SLAs and KPIs when the client has a global presence can be quite difficult. During such situations, FieldEquip can help you maintain everything smoothly. Set the custom hours according to each location and formulate a service level agreement that suits both you and your client. Once the agreement is set, the triggers to pause or stop the SLA becomes very easy.

Maintain and Keep Track of Multiple Service Levels at Once

FieldEquip allows you to define service agreements, track support, and look at individual customers for multiple SLAs. The ability to maintain different service levels and track support hours for different clients will allow your company to grow without missing a beat. Also, set different criteria based on the specific products each customer uses. Your support networks and the system is completely customized to you and your clients’ needs.

Maintain Multiple Service Level Agreement
SLA KPI Measurement

Customize Your Dashboard and Keep Track of KPIs

Key performance indicators, or KPIs, help you track the work your business is doing and how to grow further. FieldEquip lets you see every aspect of your business’ KPIs on fully customizable dashboards with unlimited widgets, and metrics. Real-time information allows you to have the most updated information on your work and financials. This up-to-date information helps you oversee every aspect of your production and service performance for your sorting and fulfillment centers.

Create Your Own KPI Measurement Equation

Our customer-friendly software integrates the equation that your KPI uses in addition to keeping track of the KPI parameters. Through this software, you can set permissions for each user, allowing limited access to information for supervisors and full information for managers if needed. In addition, you can compare two periods to see trends over time. Measuring the KPI, in accordance with SLA, allows for timely decisions and changes to your work strategy if needed.

KPI Measurement Equation

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