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Warehouse Automation Solutions

A Complete Field Service Software for Warehouse Automation

FieldEquip brings intelligence to industries’ warehouse operations through automation, measurement, planning, and scheduling. It offers a proactive and reliable manufacturer agnostic software that can be integrated with any system. The field service solution helps improve performance through up-to-date equipment maintenance and repairs. It has all the features essential to automate warehouse operations and allows them to scale, reduce workforce processing hours, and increase productivity. Build trust with customers, keep track and prevent system breakdown, and even schedule work hours leveraging this all-in-one system.

Solutions We Offer

Field Service Automation Solution

Field Service Automation

Automating field service operations with FieldEquip helps in tracking asset failure fast. The software tracks asset failure in real-time, eliminates the scope of error, and allows you to respond to issues faster. In addition, the system helps send notifications to the right team when it detects failures before they occur. Using FieldEquip AI, businesses can solve potential issues in advance and dispatch field service technicians via desktop and mobile. It also ensures that the right team is getting to the right place and easily automates the payroll process.

Spare Parts Management Software

Spare Parts Management

Track critical and noncritical equipment with a real-time view of warehouse or onsite inventory to ensure that productivity is never lost. Choose notifications for low inventory that directly or indirectly impacts the productivity. Also, it keeps the team updated about what is in the fleet of cars, and which inventory is mobile compared to what is in the warehouse. Once a reorder point has been reached, it notifies you to ensure that you never run out of supply.

Personnel Scheduling Software

Personnel Scheduling

Track teams’ hours, resources, availability, and cost with an easy-to-use dashboard. Use important information to quickly assign tasks that best suit each skill set, pay level, location concerning the site, and availability. It also helps avoid SLA breaches through its self-learning engine and easy-to-read schedule.

SLA & KPI Measurement

SLA & KPI Measurement

Setup your SLA & KPI using FieldEquip’s software suite. Set needed KPIs' parameters so that it is easy to keep track of work progress with goals in mind. Receive a notification for any deviation from KPIs. Create SLA with clients across multiple time zones so that each stakeholder understands the ins and outs of the contract. Pause, suspend, or close SLAs as and when required.


Ask us about FieldEquip’s Field Service Management System for Warehouse Automation

Our dynamic and feature-rich software platform can be customized according to your specific needs. FieldEquip’s flexible workflows can also be easily configured to meet industry-specific standards.

FieldEquip could be integrated with various CRM and ERP software platforms providing seamless data transfers between systems while executing transactions in real time.

Our cloud-based FSM solution has the capability to manage big data with the latest storage, search, and security standards and techniques.  As a native cloud-based platform, FieldEquip is transactionally seamless and highly scalable, allowing companies to easily grow their business to their full potential.

If your team uses smartphones, they will find FieldEquip’s inventory management app user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to use. Your field service organization may only need basic introductory training and support to start using FieldEquip right away.

For small and medium-sized field service companies that are beginning to embrace digital technology solutions for their field service teams, we are ready, willing, and able to offer the training and support you need to optimize your investment and maximize the power of FieldEquip’s field service inventory management solutions.

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