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Oil price volatility has heavily impacted oil and gas companies. Oil companies now face a choice of consolidation or increasing efficiency. Efficiency and oilfield automation can assist in an operator's success. FieldEquip offers oil and gas resource management software and services to make any operator more competitive in today’s market. FieldEquip's oilfield service software platform uses today’s leading advancements in technology to deliver a product that will make any operator more competitive and efficient.

Oil and Gas Software

Oil & Gas Resource Management Software for Oilfield Operations The need for automation and analytics has never been higher in the oil and gas industry. Today’s oil and gas operator needs to be more aware of profitability and cost effectiveness as well as efficiency. Without any means to predict when the field equipment will be down, …

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Service & Support

FieldEquip provides business consulting services (from advisory and process consulting through to implementation to support and hosting), industry expertise, unparalleled geographic reach, accelerators and methodologies to ensure leading companies get superior value from their oilfield investments. Consulting Expertise to Optimize Performance in Every Aspect of your ORGANIZATION FieldEquip is so user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use that …

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FieldEquip’s oil and gas resource management software offers full stack solutions through Internet of Things (IoT) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) data collection and cloud services. The powerful platform reduces operational costs employing IoT data collection and prescriptive analytics to provide site and asset management.

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