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A Comprehensive Field Service Management Software


Powering Businesses with Digital Field Service Innovation

FieldEquip is a comprehensive field service management software designed to easily capture and report all required field workforce activity and improve data integrity, productivity, and profitability while enhancing customer experiences. It simplifies field personnel communications and it helps build seamless collaboration with back offices and customers.

It is powered by a web portal, an online/offline mobile application, and rich out-of-the-box API integrations delivered as a SaaS solution. FieldEquip provides solutions for labor intensive, equipment rental and asset centric field operations alike.

FieldEquip is a customizable software built to suit your unique business requirements at a cost 30% less than the other solutions.

Field Service Management Software
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About The Platform

FieldEquip provides a seamless digital workflow experience between customers, field technicians, management and backoffice leveraging advanced cloud, mobile & IoT technology. It provides real-time insights into the field and allows field technicians and workers to capture information using any mobile device.

FieldEquip makes use of innovative technologies to provide data driven intelligence to the back office and management that enables them to increase efficiency, productivity and build new revenue streams. End-to-end flow of data allows fast approval and accurate invoicing with faster cash flows for your business. Our advanced platform allows both labor intensive and asset-centric field service organizations to automate their operations.

Scaling Field Service Digital Transformation

Improved Customer Engagement

With FieldEquip, customers get clear, real-time visibility into the equipment productivity and service history via a web portal and mobile app. FieldEquip enables customers to submit work orders, check work/job status, view asset performance via IoT connectivity, schedule services, check technicians’ Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), review service-history data, SLA entitlements, special pricing, place spare parts orders, and receive Real-time multi-channel notifications keeping them well informed of any service related activity.

It allows service providers to create a branded page to launch exceptional self-service experiences for customers. Further the customer can make business decisions through data driven performance and analytics reports.

Improved Customer Engagement FSM
Equipped Field Technicians

Well-Equipped Field Technicians

FieldEquip’s mobile app allows technicians to access equipment diagnostic data, work history, schematics, checklists, documents, and training videos in real-time that work online and offline. It provides workforce with the calendar view of assigned jobs, along with the ability to capture asset photos, videos, and barcodes.

It enables capturing work orders debrief, including parts consumed, works and drive time, incidentals, and much more. In addition, it reduces order to cash time by allowing technicians to capture all the information and electronic signatures from customers in the field itself. Also, the mobile device’s GPS helps track technicians’ locations and record time movements based on geofence around the site. Leveraging advanced technology, FieldEquip enables mobility, collaboration and communication between field staff, back office, and customers.

Maximize Equipment Uptime

Using FieldEquip’s EquipConnect IoT module, it’s easy to predict and take intelligent actions before issues happen. It is an easy-to-use platform which eliminates the loss by accurately tracking the equipment or assets installed in the field. Machine learning models analyze the real-time data streaming through the Internet of Things (IoT) connected assets and raise alarms for concerning outcomes. These events can be configured to create automatic work requests for remote service teams or field service technicians and allocate suggested parts.
Monitoring your assets improves the productivity and efficiency of field operations. FieldEquip software is customisable with options to empower the changing business needs of your organization.

FieldEquip’s EquipConnect IoT module
FieldEquip Integration with SAP, Quickbooks and CRM Systems

Integrate with any
ERP / Accounting / CRM

FieldEquip platform offers an open API that can integrate seamlessly with any backend or cloud application. Two-way integration is available with major enterprise systems (EAM, ERP, CRM, Accounting), such as

  • SAP
  • Infor
  • Sage
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • QuickBooks
  • ShipExpress/Kaleris

  • Our integration capabilities improve cash flow, decrease billing times, and provide real-time inventory updates. Flexible integrations allow for the free flow of information between different company groups and enable automated workflows across silos. Integration between these platforms makes it easy for field service organizations and industries to incorporate service order components in real-time.

    FieldEquip helps businesses take a leap from the limited capabilities of traditional ERP systems that don’t work for field service and equipment connectivity.

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    FieldEquip Centers on Effective Workflow Collaboration that Results in Strong Customer Relationships and Long-Term Partnerships.


    What Our Clients Are Saying

    Field Service Management Software

    “We enjoy having FieldEquip as an inventory management device. The team can now easily report and correct tools-transfers within our customers’ sites. It has made our field and warehouse inventory management process easy to manage and administratively improved our invoicing accuracy while reducing processing time.”

    Brandt Poulin – VP of Operations at Flo-Rite Fluids Inc.

    Oilfield Trucking Software

    “FieldEquip is an indispensable tool, we rely on it for every aspect – Field ticketing, invoicing, financial aspect, showing revenue to management and making business decisions. The system helps us collect data and analyze it and be able to report it back to the customer in a timely fashion. The FieldEquip team works 24 x 7 just like us and the support they provide is unique for this industry.”

    Cornelius Price - Sr. Professional, Operations at BAZCO Oil Company

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