Digital Field Service Management Platform

One Platform for all your Field Service needs. FieldEquip enables digital workflows between Customers, Field Technicians, Service Providers, OEM’s and equipment through the use of most advanced cloud technology to deliver – Seamless Digital Experience to Customer! Our IoT edge gateway enables field service providers to deliver outcome-based business models of the future by bringing the real-time equipment data.

“By 2025, over 50% of equipment manufacturers will offer outcome-based service contracts that rely on access to digital twin data, up from less than 20% in 2019.”, Gartner

Field Service Management Software

Embrace the Digital Transformation

Customer Engagement

Give your customers a clear, real-time line of sight into the equipment productivity and service history via portal and mobile app. With both web and mobile app access it can be tailored to your business needs, providing a positive customer experience. Update the customers about the technician ETA (estimated time of arrival) as soon as the job is accepted.

Real Time Operations Dashboard for Customer Engagement
Online Offline Work Order Management

Technician Enablement

Enable your field technicians with intuitive mobile app which works both online and offline to access self-serve tools and information for better service experience. Capture the work order debrief digitally using mobile app with in-built voice to text recognition, barcode scanning & OCR capabilities to get more accurate and timely reporting.

Condition-based service

Maximize the equipment uptime by taking care of issues before they happen by monitoring the condition of the equipment in real time against the designed specifications. Automatically create and schedule the work orders with suggested spare parts with condition based alarms.

Condition Monitoring of Equipment


Field Service Management

For OEMs and Service providers to manage their Field Service and improve customer engagement.

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  • Enables OEM’s and service providers to leverage IoT for condition based servicing.
  • Provide online/offline mobile app technology for technician enablement.
  • Customizable workflows to manage the work orders from start to completion.
  • Improve collaboration between field technicians and engineers by leveraging Augmented Reality.
Oil and Gas Field Ticketing

For Oil field operators and service companies to connect on one platform & to Digitalize Field Ticketing process.

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  • Enable Operators and Suppliers to build transparency and streamline the field ticketing.
  • Provides advanced technician and equipment scheduling capabilities for efficient job management.
  • Improve customer engagement by providing access to job progress, to review and approve field tickets and more.
  • Analytics & Reporting Dashboards to provide quick access to the data to make more informed decisions.
Asset Service Management

For operators servicing own assets in their manufacturing facilities.

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  • Automate preventive maintenance task management and scheduling as per predefined schedule of assets.
  • Track the spare parts usage across the facility and get notified when qty hits the minimum threshold limit.
  • Customize routine inspection checklists as per the equipment make and model.
  • Manage the subcontractors and technicians on one platform and share the work orders between providers.

One Platform to Manage All Your Needs

FieldEquip’s technology is intuitive, easy to use, requires minimal training, and is customizable based on your needs.

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Innovative Solutions using Advanced Iot Technology

Experience the Power of Intuitive and Innovative Technology

Manual reporting is time-consuming and subject to human error. The IoT and our intelligent big data analytics tools automate workflow through intuitive data entry, equipment tracking, field routing, and more. Automating workflows saves your business valuable time and money, enhances safety, and ups your game.

Cross Platform Oil and Gas Software Solution

Cross-platform Friendly

Standardize your process through our easy-to-use solution that is available on every platform, including Windows, iOS and Android. Our software uses the cloud and mobile apps to give you infinite access to your data from anywhere, anytime.

Automated Postal Solutions to simplify tasks

Simplify Tasks

Schedule deliveries with a few clicks. Automate notifications to your team in the field to ensure nothing is ever missed. Track and flag equipment in the field and easily specify equipment usage for record-keeping. Monitor the skills of personnel and intelligently dispatch work orders that align with their expertise. Do all of this from our user-friendly platform that puts the power in your hands.

Monitor Oilfield Operations

Monitor Field Operations With Ease

Receive predictive alerts through a data-rich dashboard built for tracking progress. Never miss a beat, receive automated notifications and reminders, and stay on top of your KPIs in real-time. Evaluate production data via our intelligent algorithms and take action need be. View records in various formats including PDF, CSV, and Excel. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

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