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Field Service Automation

Increase Productivity For Your Field Service Operations by Taking Control With Full Automation and Streamlining

FieldEquip’s Field Service Automation puts the field in your hands with features such as predictive maintenance, inventory management, and personnel scheduling. Update your workers automatically when you use our software to make changes in a customizable and transparent schedule or receive instant alerts when equipment is in need of repair.

Use the data at your fingerprints to locate the spare part you need or stay ahead of site issues before they happen with our easy-to-use display. Manage the workforce using real-time data to make sure your field operations are using their personal and equipment to their fullest potential.


Field Service Automation Solution with Real Time Data

Data at Your Fingertips

Through centralizing your data on a cloud-based field service automation solution, FieldEquip gives you the ability to access all important data, anywhere, anytime. Show proof of operational excellence by acting fast and reducing the inefficiencies in your business or department. FieldEquip offers a way to move up the ladder in your customer's eyes.

Through our easy-to-use system, you can centralize your data, reports, and invoicing, so you have a clear picture of where you stand. View this information with your target market and your corporate strategy in mind to form a plan of attack for growing and improving your business.

Stay Ahead of Your Site Issues

FieldEquip’s condition monitoring IoT solutions provides the means for observing your systems and sites. Monitor all your machines using specified parameters so you get alerted when a piece of equipment may fail rather than being notified after it does fail.

Know right away where the spare part for your broken machine is, what skills will be needed, and how long it will take. FieldEquip displays all important information, so you have full transparency during the repair process. Using FieldEquip leads to saved time and effort as well as less complete breakdowns, so you can get back on track faster.

Iot Solutions for Machine Failure Alerts
Real Time Data Analytics Software

Manage the Workforce Using Real-Time Data and Full Transparency

Schedule workers quickly and efficiently using our automated software. Once complete, you can notify your workers each week, day, or month about their upcoming schedule. Finally, our Gantt charts will allow you to create a sense of transparency and trust in the workplace. These charts can also allow you to view any gaps or overlaps that may be present in your schedule. Control and perfect your warehouse’s work schedule with FieldEquip.

Expand and Grow Using Any System

FieldEquip is manufacturer agnostic, meaning it can be integrated with any system you already have in your business. It doesn’t have any brand or equipment requirements, making it versatile and expandable. Easily interfaced with multiple brands of equipment at a single site, you won’t have to think twice as you expand your production facility with new systems and upgrades.

Iot Edge Gateway Raspberry Pi

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