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Top Oilfield Service Tech Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

The oilfield services industry demands for error-free operations, faster response, and easy access to data. The oilfield companies investing in digital field service software have better chances to stay ahead of the competition in 2023 and beyond.

Technology is rapidly transforming the way oilfield service companies work. This blog will run you through the main digital tech trends that oilfield industry leaders are adopting and will make all different for their business growth in the foreseeable future.

Industry-specific field service software

For a long time, oilfield services companies have been leveraging solutions and software that are not specifically designed keeping the oilfield business in mind. But, with the growing awareness among companies about the value adds of the deploying advanced solutions at work, the scenario is changing at pace. Oilfield companies are increasingly leveraging digital field service software to get real-time visibility into operations through proven workflows. A modern oilfield service software platform leverages next-gen technology, making the operator more efficient and competitive.

Oil Field Trucking FSM Software

Digital Ticketing

Oilfield service companies leveraging manual tickets need more pace to stay ahead in this digital age. Paper tickets are prone to errors, often get misplaced, and result in inefficiencies that can add to significant costs for oilfield companies. 

A leading oilfield service software that features field ticket solutions helps companies capture their remote field activity and costs effortlessly. Field tickets software allows the remote workforce to enter the results of a job while in the field and generate invoice for the customer to sign digitally. This helps companies streamline operations, save time, and eliminate the scope of errors and lost tickets, reducing the cash conversion cycle and keeping activity flowing. Oilfield tickets also enable the field workforce to enter their hours effortlessly, simplifying the payroll process. They can even use it to analyze job history reports.

In-demand offline capability

The oilfield workforce operates in remote locations and needs the capability to enter required job data in offline mode. Offline capability and a mobile app enable oilfield staff to fill and file tickets from anywhere. They get real-time visibility into field operations and stay updated about business-critical data and information for better decision-making. They can leverage the mobile field service software to quickly and accurately get data back to the office. This also helps the field force create, review, and approve digital field tickets for quick invoice approval and payment. 

Cloud-based solutions

In 2023, taking your business operations to the cloud is an obvious choice that oilfield industry leaders must make. A cloud-based oilfield service software allows easy logging, tracking, sharing, and analyzing of information. Workers can easily check their schedules and log information from anywhere, anytime. These capabilities allow the workforce to focus on job specifics and business growth while automating time-consuming tasks. Companies taking advantage of cloud-based oilfield service software have better chances of outpacing the competition this year and beyond. 

Cloud-Services FSM

Partner with a trusted company

Many oilfield services software are available in the market, but oil and field companies must invest in a trusted software like FieldEquip. FieldEquip digital oilfield service software has helped industry-leading oilfield companies reduce uncertainty about the parts, assets, and replacement availability by providing their field workforce with real-time access to data and eliminating delays to part change notices.

Oilfield companies seeking digital field service software can explore opportunities with FieldEquip. Its digital field ticketing software application enables companies to generate field tickets online and offline, even in remote locations. Start empowering your workforce with in-demand capabilities they need to create a more efficient workflow with real-time monitoring, status updates, job logs, and geolocation tools. Schedule a Demo!

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