Quote to Cash

FieldEquip brings intelligence to the Oilfield through connected field service, IoT data collection, monitoring and prescriptive analytics

Quote to Cash – Automated Quotes for Oilfield Services

FieldEquip will automate the work order or job service order process from quote to invoicing using configurable work flow templates. No more lost revenue due to lost tickets from field. Improve cash flow through low DSO. By building complex proposals that include products, services, personnel and packages, operations can maintain years of history and re-use in quotation. Ready-to-Go templates for basic quotes are ready for information input from your sales team, and custom quotes can be created and used as needed. With creation of efficient workflows, work orders can be delivered from the back office to the field and back to invoicing quickly.

With FieldEquip’s quote-to-cash abilities, prices can be calculated by adding line items and their operation rates and estimated usage. The dashboard visually displays successful quotes and can break it down by customer, even calculating expected revenue by customer.

Quote-to-Cash Optimization

Connect your field equipment and assets to our IoT platform to actively monitor and diagnose before breakdown. FieldEquip can collect real-time data through AWS or like IoT platform; or using FieldEquip edge gateway supporting multiple protocols such as IoT or SSL. FieldEquip platform brings real-time data access to back office and management. See where the worker is at any time and what jobs they are working on. Access materials and labor hours on a job immediately. Rich manager dashboards for tracking progress.



Quote / Proposal Management
  • Build complex proposals that include products, services, personnel and packages
  • Maintain years of history and re-use in quotation
  • Create ready-to-go templates for your sales team
Workflow Automation
  • Create workflows for different types of work orders from back office to field all the way to invoicing
Smart Contract Management
  • Reduce DSO: Invoicing to customers based on timely and accurate data from field leads to shorter cycles for payment. Improved cashflow for your company.