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Production Planning

Use Statistics and Real-Time Facts to Plan Your Production

When your production facility opens each morning, your trucks head out to get the supplies needed for the day. FieldEquip offers a production planning solution that allows your production managers to know exactly how much material will be brought in and therefore how much work the facility has in store.

These measurements and estimates allow you to stay ahead in the planning of the production in your facility. You can capture exact incoming volume and package types through our intuitive mobile application easily used by your truck drivers. With that data, our program will estimate your needed machine running hours. Those numbers will be used to show the needed operators and production capacity for each day or week. Our production planning software allows you to do more with the same capacity via better planning and estimation.


Track Parcel Pickup Vans

Track Pickups

Each day, your trucks will head out to pick up materials. In the past, the only way to know how much they had picked up was to wait until they arrived back in the production facility. With FieldEquip’s mobile application data capturing capability, you can see exactly what was picked up right when it happens. By the time the trucks get back to the facility, our system has provided a plan of attack and the estimated time to complete.

Work More Efficiently

When you can’t predict the incoming volume, then you won’t work as efficiently as you can. Having all the data that FieldEquips solution provides allows you to turn on only the machines that will be needed to complete production for that day.

In addition, our predictive software can learn from the past and use current information to give you insight on what workers will be needed on an average day and how many working hours each machine will need to put in: waste fewer man-hours, machine hours, and money each day through data-based planning and prediction.

Improve Productivity through Production Planning
Save Machine Hours

Save Machine Hours

Through FieldEquip’s predictive software, your production manager will know when to turn off what machine and for how long. Each machine has a lifespan in hours, being able to save machine hours will directly impact the cost of operations, and the downtime that each machine will need.

Show Production History

Over time, FieldEquip’s solution will gather data and create a history of pickups and production. This data allows for the production manager to track the history of their facility and look for space where improvement can be made. See how much material your facility is getting each day on average and determine if more or less is needed in the production line. Use your history to make time, money, and data-based decisions for the future.

Check Pickup Production History

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